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Hello Guys

So febuary has flown by while I’ve had a visit from my mother, whom I adore and take after, I’ve also been working on Spilt Bloods sequel along with several anthology submissions that have me excited. I’ve also had a bit of a flare up with the cursed EDS.

Trying to juggle all the different parts of my life can be a nightmare at times but it is something I am slowly learning to do and it makes me stronger when I get over these things. I’ve got a lot of appointments coming up along with the deadlines for submissions.

I have had a good few days with weight loss starting, thankfully, as I have a lot of weight to lose and as a writer and someone with mobility issues it doesn’t help with the weight loss but I am hoping that just a few changes to my life style with help get rid of the weight and keep it off. I have also received a four star review from the girls over at Nerdgirls for Spilt Blood, click here to check it out. I love all the feed back and take into mind as I write the sequel what has been said about the first.

It is odd that sometimes what someone really loves about the book another can’t really understand or get their head round. One common thread is that some feel the book was rushed. I will say that as the book surrounds a week between the protagonist’s arrival into Valdez and the end of the book, during which she’s hunting a serial killer the relationships begin with strange strength that is explored and detailed more in book two as is a few hidden sub plots. Stay with me you will enjoy the next instalment!!

Happy Weekend


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Back in the naughty corner

Posted: February 8, 2015 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello Guys,

I’m really sorry that I didn’t keep my promise but I’ve had a few things going on. The main thing is that I’ve been writing the sequel to spilt blood and been floored by an EDS flare up, damn cold weather kicking my butt.

I hope your all okay. I am going to start sharing my pictures with you, I have some scary, spooky ones to share.

I have run several giveaways on my facebook page with no takers, I am only just starting in my job as a writer and it takes time, I know that.

Spilt Blood has recived several review, most ppoints are good with constructive criticism that I have taken on board for the next book.

Please fell free to check them out.

Click here for Shattered Souls 

Click here for Spilt Blood

Here’s one of my spooky Photo’s to keep you going.

immanual grave yard 301114
Catch you all later.

Happy Writing