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Morning all,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, I watched woman in black yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It had the what you can see but you can hear going on but it wasn’t all that, it was a bit of a mind bender, my favorite type of horror.

I’m hoping to build my Facebook page and get up to two hundred lime so if you guys could go and check it out for me that would be awesome.   Click here

I have a few things coming up soon, I’m so excited about them and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a poem with you once my kick ass beta reads had a look over it and I’m also thing of doing a giveaway.
What prizes would you like to see?

Hope your Monday is merry.


Hello Internet

I have been so busy of late, we have organised the study and thrown away so much of our accumulated crap and organise what we were keeping, I’ve also been working on anthology submissions, causing my brain to work over time.

Also I have rekindled my love of writing poetry and it has pulled me into a few different directions and one of my anthology submissions is poetry. I’ll be sending it this next week, keep your fingers crossed.

I’m also doing some stuff of an adult nature for anthologies. The plan is that if I get into a few anthologies that it will increase my visibility with regards to my other books. I’m working on anthology submissions until may then back to Spilt Bloods sequel and a project tentatively titled A Woman Scorned where my best friends daughter modelled for the book cover.

I am also thinking of reviving a few other projests though I don’t want to give myself to much. I love writing and my brain is constantly generating ideas, too many for me to keep up with.

Happy Writing and keep smiling