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Hello guys

I enjoyed taking over a friends face book fan page yesterday and I shared a lot on their, I will share some here soon.

I have been a bit on the busy side, yet again, with writing Dirty Little Secrets, Poisoned By Blood book two, rewriting the basis for book three.  I’ve also been working on a few anthology submissions on day when my body allows.

Being a writer has one main advantage, other than entertaining others, of being a writer is that I can pick it up and put it down when I’m having a good pain day or when I’m having a bad pain day. It helps that my publishing company gives me a lot of understanding. They don’t judge me in anyway. Thankfully I have an excellent and wonderful husband, a brilliant family and a good network of friends that help me along.

Happy Writing


Hi guys,

Its been a busy month, I’ve been working on anthology submissions and promotion for Spilt Blood while working on the sequel, when my body allows it to happen. We’re battling on, I just wish this damn recession would end and things go back to some form of normal.

Writing is a job and a manner of staying sane, I can put it down and pick it up when I have good days and bad days, I just wish the good outnumbered the bad. I am lucky with having supportive friends and family as well as my publisher, she’s super understanding and doesn’t push me too hard.

So much going on including an even coming up soon where I take over a friends facebook fan page, and I really can’t wait.

I need to get as much visibility as possible.

Happy writing guys


Its Thursday,

Where has the week gone? Well I am currently working on my second anthology submission and it is promising to be a little on the saucy side. I will keep you in the loop with other submissions and other things I am working on.

I am part of an event next week and I am so looking forward to it. I’m taking over a page for an hour and I have some stuff planed for the coming including a give away on my Facebook page along with a Twitter Giveaway. I’ll share more details when I can.

I have been doing some poetry at the moment while working on a few projects and I am excited at the moment. I just wish the EDS would calm down so I can put in some decent hours and get some of these things finished.

Facebook Event details.

Have a brilliant week