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Morning Readers,

I really hope you liked all the prose I’ve been sharing lately. I have found my love of poetry and much like my writing mind it takes over. My mind never shuts down, its always on the go, its a good thing and a bad thing, especially when I’m trying to sleep.

I will be posting some prose later today, I’m working on an anthology submissions and Spilt Blood’s sequel. I love writing, it give me so much joy.

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Happy Writing


Hello guys

Here’s the second poem I promised you.

For my best friend

You’re there when I need you

You’re t always a text away

You’re always a sounding board

You’re never not reachable

I’ll always be there for you

I’ll always be a call away

I’ll never turn you away

I’ll never lie to you

Two sides of the same coin

Similar yet different

So much in common

Yet the odd thing different

Never worry I’m always there

Never worry I’m at your side

Never worry you’re important to me

Never worry you’re a priority

You know who you are

This is for you

Stay Strong

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hello Readers

I’ve failed, I’ve missed two day, I suck, I’m sorry but I’ve got a Poem for you, well two, I’m posting one now and one later.

Here we go.

For My Husband

You complete me

You make me smile

You help me

You never judge me

You protect me

You put up with me

You look after me

You show me so much love

I love you more than I can ever say

I love you more each day

I love your little fantasy escape

I love how you make me giggle

I love you and always will

You changed me in so many ways

You changed me in a good way

I love you, I love you, I love you

You are mine and I am yours

You make me so happy

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hello Reader.

Its Thursday, and this week has flown by and my mum, who’s visiting, is heading home today and I’ve posted a prose/poem every day since Sunday. Also I have been writing and have done over 10,000 words while mum’s been watching TV at night, so yes, I’ve been working hard.

Here’s today poem

Scream in the Darkness

The night was quiet, almost silent

The darkness thick, like tar

Pin pricks of light within the black expanse

The moon was oddly absent

Driving was dangerous, but she had to

The car moved slowly on the road, for safety

No other car dare drive in such a dark night

Headlights barely penetrated the black night

She was filled with fear about the drive, it was late

She was shaking with fear as to what she might find, when she got home

Her new car travelled peacefully along the road

Her mind running over her screwed up life

The darkness surrounding her resembled her bleak life, dull life

She drove alone as she lived alone and it hurt, like a stab in the heart

She suddenly, without warning pulled over

She stopped the car and jumps out

She vomited out what little was in her gut, violently

She was on all fours emptying her stomach on the roadside, her body tensing

She was shaking as who knows what left her body

She was ridged with deep routed panic

The silence was pierced by a bone shattering, blood curdling scream

She was filled with a new type of panic, that reached into every cell

She scrambled to her feet and headed for her car

She pulled away, leaving a dust cloud behind her

As she drove away tears marred her face, her makeup running

As she drove away, filled with fear and a deep panic

As she left her vomit spot she remained unaware

She was completely unaware of the fox that sniffed her purged food

It wasn’t a human who screamed, it was a fox

Just remember when you drive at night, in the dark

Animals can sound like humans too

Let me know what you guys think.

Happy Writing


Morning Readers

It’s early and I’m awake and after a few household jobs I’m back online.

Here’s a little poem about blood and i hope you like it, it was a quick throw together this morning after I ate home make blueberry muffins.


So here’s the poem for you reading.


The life force of the human

The human body needs it

We need it to survive

Lose to much and, well, you’re a gonner


The sight of it chills you to the bone

The smell of it will make you retch

The presence of it isn’t good news

The puddle of it means some ones a gonner


It made of so many things

It reveals so many things about you

It tells people if you’re been naughty

It tells people you’re unwell


Never touch it

Never drink it, except if you’re a vampire

Never shed it

Never let it leave your body


It’s our life, our nectar

It can be donated as we’ll make more

It can be shared, within reason, with others

It is our biggest, best allie and enemy


Chills you to the bone

Makes you freeze in fear

Gives you life

Gives you health

Share your thoughts on the comment section

Happy Writing


Hello Reader,

Monday has been and gone, Tuesdays here and though its not a sunny day I chose to be optimistic. Here’s another prose for you, i am planning on give you one a day for this week, next week I’m going to share my own pictures of places around where I live. I live in a city, York UK, that was founded 71AD which means the city is nearly two thousand years old. We have ruins of an Abby, 7 museums, which includes the National Railway Museum and numerous other attractions.

Here’s a prose about the Pagan holy day Summer Solstice, I know I’m a little late but i thought I’d share.

A time for celebration

A time for joy

A time for contemplation

A time for is to enjoy

Watching other s have fin

Picnics full of treats

Dancing in the midday sun

While enjoying all of life sweats

A celebration of life

A celebration mother nature

An expression of life strife

An expression of human nature

This pagans holy day

A day to embrace others

Helps us find a way

To balance our lives for the queen of mothers

Enjoy this day as much as you can with flare

Spend time with those around you

Share life with them who care

Celebration with those who love you

Happy belated Summer Solstice


Hi Readers

Here’s another prose for you to get your teeth into.

Horror is the dark side of humanity

A way of watching things that scare us

Watching horrors in a safe and warm environment.

Tales of ghosts tormenting, haunting, possessing

Words to chill us to the bone

Films that you shouldn’t watch alone

Horror is the serial killer that’s never caught

Or it’s the one that was but ate his victims

A tale of bloody death, distraction and hate

It’s the ghost or demon possessing something innocent

Possessing a doll, child or virtuous woman

Tales of painful deaths that poison life

From the chilling tale of the exorcist

To the mildly humours Scream

People like the different change from a time gone by

Writing horror is a blessing  and it shows

Creating chilling worlds gives me a natural high

Writing dark tales of murder make me smile

Fiction is sometime adapted from reality

Tales from those around others who have lived through it

Survivors of such unseen horrors

Stick around to read more from my writing archive and over active mind. There is so much more to come.

Happy writing


Hello readers,

Here’s a little poem to help your Sunday pass by quicker.

Writing is my escape

A manner of leaving my life

A way of experiencing something different

My muse is anything that’s around me

A drive on the motorway

A visit to a museum

I live in a city over two thousand years old

I have an odd, strange life

I know things that would make your toes curl

The fiction that others escape into

The tales of others life of hardship

The different experiences of another person

Characters that entice you into their life

Placed you may never have been

Times gone by where life was different

Waiting in the pages of a book

Hiding in the words

Are people and places I want to immerse myself in

I enjoy giving life to others

I love reading the feedback of others

I love seeing book on sale

Fiction is a wonderful thing

It’s a manner of escape and delving into

Writing is an art

I love writing

I don’t have plans to stop

Stick around and you’ll be entertained

More prose and shorts to come

Happy writing


Work in progress

Posted: June 20, 2015 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hello Writers and Readers

I’ve been busy today, I’ve visited the lovely York City Center, run a few errand and once home I’ve done some promotion and I’ve just called it a night and I’ve written 3,204 words this afternoon. The book is one titled Hell Hath No Fury and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

I’ve also been working on Spilt Blood’s sequel Dirty Little Secret and I can’t wait to share that either. I tell you I’m very busy at the moment and i love writing and I’m having fun making these worlds for people to escape into. It is an excellent job, or rather calling.

Have an excellent night.

Happy Writing


Hello Guys

I know I’ve been quiet lately, I’ve been busy with edits and promotion. but I thought I’d check in and let you know whats going on.

Spilt Blood’s sequel is in the process of being edited and its coming along nicely. I’m also working on a few other projects that I can’t wait to share with you, when the time is right.

As the title of my  blog hints I am a dyslexic author and a published one. The fact that I have been published still makes me want to pinch myself. Whats even better is that, for both my published novels, I have received constructive criticism and some down right nasty reviews with nothing of feed back in it. Both have received four star reviews from NerdGIrls and they can’t wait to read more.

It is a strange thing that when you put yourself out there, regardless of the format whether it be writing, acting, youtube etc you leave your self wide open for scrutiny and there will always be, out there, people who want to do nothing more than break you down.

If I can, as a dyslexic person, have two books on sale with more to come anyone one can do anything, you just have to put the work in and stay dedicated to your craft and you will get there.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Happy writing