Prose for Summer Solstice

Posted: June 23, 2015 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, Dyslexia, Horror Stories and Novels
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Hello Reader,

Monday has been and gone, Tuesdays here and though its not a sunny day I chose to be optimistic. Here’s another prose for you, i am planning on give you one a day for this week, next week I’m going to share my own pictures of places around where I live. I live in a city, York UK, that was founded 71AD which means the city is nearly two thousand years old. We have ruins of an Abby, 7 museums, which includes the National Railway Museum and numerous other attractions.

Here’s a prose about the Pagan holy day Summer Solstice, I know I’m a little late but i thought I’d share.

A time for celebration

A time for joy

A time for contemplation

A time for is to enjoy

Watching other s have fin

Picnics full of treats

Dancing in the midday sun

While enjoying all of life sweats

A celebration of life

A celebration mother nature

An expression of life strife

An expression of human nature

This pagans holy day

A day to embrace others

Helps us find a way

To balance our lives for the queen of mothers

Enjoy this day as much as you can with flare

Spend time with those around you

Share life with them who care

Celebration with those who love you

Happy belated Summer Solstice


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