Morning Readers

It’s early and I’m awake and after a few household jobs I’m back online.

Here’s a little poem about blood and i hope you like it, it was a quick throw together this morning after I ate home make blueberry muffins.


So here’s the poem for you reading.


The life force of the human

The human body needs it

We need it to survive

Lose to much and, well, you’re a gonner


The sight of it chills you to the bone

The smell of it will make you retch

The presence of it isn’t good news

The puddle of it means some ones a gonner


It made of so many things

It reveals so many things about you

It tells people if you’re been naughty

It tells people you’re unwell


Never touch it

Never drink it, except if you’re a vampire

Never shed it

Never let it leave your body


It’s our life, our nectar

It can be donated as we’ll make more

It can be shared, within reason, with others

It is our biggest, best allie and enemy


Chills you to the bone

Makes you freeze in fear

Gives you life

Gives you health

Share your thoughts on the comment section

Happy Writing


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