Scream in the Darkness

Posted: June 25, 2015 by Simone Young in Agents and publishers, Current and Active Works, Late Night Work
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Hello Reader.

Its Thursday, and this week has flown by and my mum, who’s visiting, is heading home today and I’ve posted a prose/poem every day since Sunday. Also I have been writing and have done over 10,000 words while mum’s been watching TV at night, so yes, I’ve been working hard.

Here’s today poem

Scream in the Darkness

The night was quiet, almost silent

The darkness thick, like tar

Pin pricks of light within the black expanse

The moon was oddly absent

Driving was dangerous, but she had to

The car moved slowly on the road, for safety

No other car dare drive in such a dark night

Headlights barely penetrated the black night

She was filled with fear about the drive, it was late

She was shaking with fear as to what she might find, when she got home

Her new car travelled peacefully along the road

Her mind running over her screwed up life

The darkness surrounding her resembled her bleak life, dull life

She drove alone as she lived alone and it hurt, like a stab in the heart

She suddenly, without warning pulled over

She stopped the car and jumps out

She vomited out what little was in her gut, violently

She was on all fours emptying her stomach on the roadside, her body tensing

She was shaking as who knows what left her body

She was ridged with deep routed panic

The silence was pierced by a bone shattering, blood curdling scream

She was filled with a new type of panic, that reached into every cell

She scrambled to her feet and headed for her car

She pulled away, leaving a dust cloud behind her

As she drove away tears marred her face, her makeup running

As she drove away, filled with fear and a deep panic

As she left her vomit spot she remained unaware

She was completely unaware of the fox that sniffed her purged food

It wasn’t a human who screamed, it was a fox

Just remember when you drive at night, in the dark

Animals can sound like humans too

Let me know what you guys think.

Happy Writing


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