Hello Guys


We are days away from the new year and we are crossing our fingers that it is a good year though I have to say so far its and interesting start to year as the city I live in is partially flooded. We are suffering high levels in the two rivers that run  trough the city center.

We’ll get through it, its what we do and I have been very lucky that I have had no damage or flooding, thankfully I live near the river but above the river level.

Other than that I’ve had a good Christmas. I spent the morning with my hubby and on the phone to my mum, I spent the afternoon with my Mother and Father in law and then we went to my brother in laws for the evening to see my nephew and he was excited for his gifts though some were reading book other, namely the sticker, chocolate and door sign, caused great excitement.

I enjoyed a few days off of my edits but I’m back at it. The release date is January 14th and I’m looking into some interest prizes and quizzes for the night of the release.

Once The Dark Side of Humanity is with the editors I can start on Twisted Coven and the release date for that is March 3rd.

Best get some work done.

Happy writing


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