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Hi Guys,

I’ve just watched a Just Kidding News video about bulling Click Here and it made me think of my childhood, what little I can remember.

No, I will not name names nor will I give you hints all I will tell you is their sex.

At primary school there was 12 people per year so bullying wasn’t a thing at that school, secondary school was a different matter.

Just to explain the UK school system.

4-11: Primary School

11-16: Secondary/high-school

16-18 College/sixth form

18 Plus is either University is adult learning

I was bullied, picked on, for being on the heavy set, there was names that I ignored to the best of my abilities, I was hit and beat on several occasions because I was teachers pet and got on well with people that are older than me, which I still do now (my best friend is 14 years older than me and my husband is 8 years older) but I was never bullied to the level that has happened in some famous cases such as Amanda Todd, Taylor Alesana and Leelah Alcorn where bullying wasn’t limited to the playground, like it was when I was at School which was 1993-1998, but now involves the various form of social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, and Tumblr.

Now a bully will make a Facebook page or Twitter account and use it to torment the victims with their lies and various other things including manipulated pictures and they relentlessly bash their victim for what ever reason. This is permanent and the bully will have a link to it for eternity and it may affect their ability to do something in the future but the constant barrage of nasty comments affects people and they sometimes take their own lives like the three mentioned above.

I do have lasting affects from my bullying? The basic answer is yes! I am reluctant to shown my face my face on my streaming or Youtube channel and I am planning on doing some professional pictures for my brand items but I don’t want to with my body in the shape it’s in. I am over weight due my under-active thyroid and my EDS, the former slows my metabolism considerably and the latter makes excising almost impossible, the more active I am the more I have my joints dislocate.

Remember that what ever you do on the internet is there permanently and monitor your children’s access to social media and make sure that they don’t use it to maliciously attack or bully others.

Have an awesome Thursday, it’s Thursday am 3.42.

Will fill you in on book stuff soon, I have some awesome things to share with you.

Stay Strong, be happy, live well, be creative.


Hi Guys

I have been super busy working on Hell Hath No Fury and Poisoned By Blood Book Three, I have the sequel to Twisted Coven is planned out and ready once I have the other two squared away.

Today I wanted to talk about the pluses of having a support network around writers, whether they be signed, freelance, those wanting to write and those who were still deciding if they truly want to be a writer.

By nature the world or writing isn’t an easy one to be in. It is fought with judgement and angst. You may be told no 20, 100, 300 times before being signed, J. K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before the Harry Potter series was signed, Stephen King’s Carrie was rejected 30 times before being published. It’s part of the job, perseverance and willing to listen to feedback are the best thing’s for a writer to have in their back pocket.

I have received some negative feed back and attention and I’ll show you a few examples and tell you on how to deal with them.

First a review from Shattered Souls

bad review 1

I have redacted the name to protect the person in question. This was a bad review in a sea of four and five star reviews. I was upset when I saw this, I will admit that I did shed a tear but I realized that it was merely a troll, a person who was out to hurt as troll are. You can do nothing about trolls, nothing but ignore them and move on.

Here’s a review for Spilt Blood

Bad review 2

This review is constructive, meaning that instead of five words with no true meaning and are not the slightest bit helpful. They give pointers on how the books going forward can be improved and how they can be better. They advise the use of Beta readers, which is now something I do now. They do question the main characters age state that it would be better if she was older, this is something I debated on this as I wrote the book but her age is important further in the series, in book four. The comment about the ‘rushed’ feel of the book, that was purposeful as their is a serial killer around and they are hunting him before he kills too many people, they don’t really have the time to do much else. Though I think I could have done a bit more character building and relationship building.

Authors are, by nature, solitary nature and we like to work in our own cocoon but we do need a good network of support around us. I am extremely lucky that my Mum and Dad (Stepdad) have always been there, pushing me to be better. I have an awesome husband who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I have an awesome publisher with Vamptasy Publishing, the website is being updated at the moment but it does show several of our awesome writers on their. I also have several fans although I’m only a beginner in this job and they are loyal and that is astounding to me. Having people around to help bring you up when you get that rejection letter or that bad review helps.

While I was lucky to get a yes early on and I love my book home and I would never change that ever in the world and I only hope that one day all authors find their book home.

Thankfully there is no negative review of Dark Side of Humanity yet nor has there been any for Twisted Coven yet, not on Amazon anyway.

I have a lot of things going on this year and I am hoping that my books grow in strength and that those who love it continue too do so. I have a group of people who seem to love my books and people that are happy to share my books on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I am hoping to do a Facebook ad this weekend to help promote the books a little. I am busy, two book releases this year with more going on that are working on in the back ground hence why I’ve been quiet.

My main peaces of advise are as follows:-

  1. Take on the constructive criticism and use it going forward with more books and any re-releases.
  2. Let troll reviews slide off your back and move on.
  3. Make sure you have an awesome network around you.
  4. Don’t let rejection stop you.
  5. Learn, learn and learn. Read, read and read. Write, write and write.

I also know I need an editor as my dyslexia makes things hard work and tricky to do and I quite often miss mistakes, that’s another good thing about beta readers, they help with the process and help make things more coherent.

If there are any subjects you want me to take on please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Writing