Dealing with hate

Posted: October 25, 2017 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hi Guys,

Today I thought I would talk about how to deal with hate both in reality and on line.

The real life aspect first.

I was bullied as a child, the reason behind that it unknown and probably never will be known. In my current life, the real life, I do get some hate with snide comments, the stink eye’s and the running away from me. It’s not the tattoo’s as they’re not always on show, they have no idea about my religious belief.

It’s due to three thing’s:-

1/ My weight, I am overweight and It’s obvious, very obvious.

2/ The way I walk, I have a permanently partially dislocated left hip due to my EDS so I need a frame to help me walk. It affects how I walk and how fast I walk.

3/ The way I dress. I’m a goth, I usually dress in black and have strange colors in my hair. Goth’s always cause people to give you the funny look.

I try my best to ignore it. I have too as if I didn’t I wouldn’t leave the house. If my Mum is with us she doesn’t let it fly. Neither does the hubby. People fling hate at me without knowing my life, my medical history and my life in general. The people that do ask I explain to them about my hip along with the condition I suffer and they understand. Others judge and it can hurt.

I am working on the weight issue but it is complicated by the EDS, very much so and a thyroid that doesn’t work right. I am hoping that the weight loss that I’m in the middle of continues. I am not going to stop being a goth, it’s part of who I am. Even if I lose weight I’m still going to have the issue with walking, that’s not going to stop. My hip is highly unstable and even with a brace it will not stay in place completely, ever, as it’s too unstable to do so.

Now on line

My usual video’s are not received with any vitriol or hate, I do one-two video’s a week were I call out people who are doing things that are either harming the things we do on the internet or that are actually doing something that is criminally/morally wrong and hurting people. I do get nasty feed back on those video’s. I have received death threats and other threats that are horrific. It is something that I know I’m going to get it as I know that people see it as a threat to their ‘idol’. It’s troll’s and troll’s of the worst kind, I report, delete and that’s it. I forget about it. The first one was a bit shocking but now, I just delete and carry on with my life. Most are idle threats by trolls.

Another thing that has happened, I was protecting someone I became friends with against an attack she was on the receiving end of, the main person who was doing this did a video that several people saw as bullying, it was flagged and her channel was shut down. She has set up another channel despite not meant to be doing. She is disliking almost all of my video’s as she hold me responsible for having her channel shut down which I think is petty as all hell. She’ll give up as I don’t rise to it, I never have and never will. I don’t think she’s aware of my blog. She has me block on all social media, which is fine by me.

Any who, That’s it from me, have an awesome day. ❤


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