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Hi Guys

I have been super busy working on Hell Hath No Fury and Poisoned By Blood Book Three, I have the sequel to Twisted Coven is planned out and ready once I have the other two squared away.

Today I wanted to talk about the pluses of having a support network around writers, whether they be signed, freelance, those wanting to write and those who were still deciding if they truly want to be a writer.

By nature the world or writing isn’t an easy one to be in. It is fought with judgement and angst. You may be told no 20, 100, 300 times before being signed, J. K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before the Harry Potter series was signed, Stephen King’s Carrie was rejected 30 times before being published. It’s part of the job, perseverance and willing to listen to feedback are the best thing’s for a writer to have in their back pocket.

I have received some negative feed back and attention and I’ll show you a few examples and tell you on how to deal with them.

First a review from Shattered Souls

bad review 1

I have redacted the name to protect the person in question. This was a bad review in a sea of four and five star reviews. I was upset when I saw this, I will admit that I did shed a tear but I realized that it was merely a troll, a person who was out to hurt as troll are. You can do nothing about trolls, nothing but ignore them and move on.

Here’s a review for Spilt Blood

Bad review 2

This review is constructive, meaning that instead of five words with no true meaning and are not the slightest bit helpful. They give pointers on how the books going forward can be improved and how they can be better. They advise the use of Beta readers, which is now something I do now. They do question the main characters age state that it would be better if she was older, this is something I debated on this as I wrote the book but her age is important further in the series, in book four. The comment about the ‘rushed’ feel of the book, that was purposeful as their is a serial killer around and they are hunting him before he kills too many people, they don’t really have the time to do much else. Though I think I could have done a bit more character building and relationship building.

Authors are, by nature, solitary nature and we like to work in our own cocoon but we do need a good network of support around us. I am extremely lucky that my Mum and Dad (Stepdad) have always been there, pushing me to be better. I have an awesome husband who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I have an awesome publisher with Vamptasy Publishing, the website is being updated at the moment but it does show several of our awesome writers on their. I also have several fans although I’m only a beginner in this job and they are loyal and that is astounding to me. Having people around to help bring you up when you get that rejection letter or that bad review helps.

While I was lucky to get a yes early on and I love my book home and I would never change that ever in the world and I only hope that one day all authors find their book home.

Thankfully there is no negative review of Dark Side of Humanity yet nor has there been any for Twisted Coven yet, not on Amazon anyway.

I have a lot of things going on this year and I am hoping that my books grow in strength and that those who love it continue too do so. I have a group of people who seem to love my books and people that are happy to share my books on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I am hoping to do a Facebook ad this weekend to help promote the books a little. I am busy, two book releases this year with more going on that are working on in the back ground hence why I’ve been quiet.

My main peaces of advise are as follows:-

  1. Take on the constructive criticism and use it going forward with more books and any re-releases.
  2. Let troll reviews slide off your back and move on.
  3. Make sure you have an awesome network around you.
  4. Don’t let rejection stop you.
  5. Learn, learn and learn. Read, read and read. Write, write and write.

I also know I need an editor as my dyslexia makes things hard work and tricky to do and I quite often miss mistakes, that’s another good thing about beta readers, they help with the process and help make things more coherent.

If there are any subjects you want me to take on please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Writing


Morning all,

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, I watched woman in black yesterday and I really enjoyed it. It had the what you can see but you can hear going on but it wasn’t all that, it was a bit of a mind bender, my favorite type of horror.

I’m hoping to build my Facebook page and get up to two hundred lime so if you guys could go and check it out for me that would be awesome.   Click here

I have a few things coming up soon, I’m so excited about them and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a poem with you once my kick ass beta reads had a look over it and I’m also thing of doing a giveaway.
What prizes would you like to see?

Hope your Monday is merry.


Hello Readers

Hope the summer heat is treating you well. My laptop is struggling either heat and needs a cooling stand, a Nov for tomorrow me think.

Other than that I have been busy with a few things that will be revealed in time and I am enjoying working on my current pieces and I have even written a few poems and such. Some of which I will share with you now I have a new toy that helps me stay in touch and share things with you.

I am considering doing a few videos where I talk about my love of writing and reading. What do you guys think?
Maybe videos of the places or things that give me the ideas and the way I right? Let me know.

Happy Summer
Happy Writing



I’m busy as usual. There is only a few chapters to do then proof reading and edits. I love writing and love the support I get from people that are doing edits etc. I really enjoy doing this, its a hobby thats taking over.

I have some prose to show you soon.

I’m really happy that my books getting good review.

Happy writing



Aviva building York with a rather spooky edge.




So, the books been on sale for nearly two weeks now, the ranking changes daily but that’s good, means its selling. I’m super excited as days within it going live I got a five star review. I tell you, I couldn’t be happier if I tried.

If you buy the book please leave a review and let me know what you think on here and on Amazon.

I’m still marketing the book and the guys over at Vamptasy are great and help with everything, and my editor, she’s brilliant and understanding. Bless her. I tell you, I can’t wish for more in a publishing company and the other authors I work with are all very talented and we help each other where we can.

Check in with me on

Twitter: simmy202069

Tumbler: simmy202069

Instagram: simmy2030

facebook: Simone Young


Stay Tuned and Happy Writing

Hello readers

I have the cover for my book with the release date of March 1st.


I’m also wanting to share the tale of how I became a part of the publishing company I am.

Around 18 months ago a writer friend who owned her own publishing company asked me to send in a tale for an anthology to be printed for October 2012. I did and the piece was puslished as a standalone and was on sale for four weeks and all proceeds were donated to charity. Only days before the release I found out the owner of Vamptasy was married to my cousin.

Vamptasy Publishing was sold to an American buisness woman, the pervious owner still works for the company as a writer and design’s covers.

Last year, I submitted Shattered Souls for a different anthology but it was too long and not ideal for the anthology however the head of the company agreed to publish it.

I feel honoured to be a part of the company and I am proud of all the authors who are a part of the same company. It truely is a blessing.

I have various projects on going and I am keeping myself busy.

Stay tuned to learn more about the release.

Happy writing


Hello readers

I am so happy that I can share this. On March 1st I have a book titled ‘Shattered Souls’ being released via Vamptasy Publishing. I am still bouncing. There is an online book release happening on Facebook during which there will be games quizzes and fun, there will be prizes and such too.

Head over to the Facebook event page and join in the fun. Keep your eyes pealed for news on the cover reveal and more prose that are waiting to be written.

Happy writing I’m still bouncing




The new year has started and with so much going on I am here to beg forgiveness. I have had a busy last few months with appointments, projects, deadlines and such. I have spent the last few months working on three projects and they are near completion and I am currently beta reading for a good author friend Carmilla Voiez and I will be sharing her fable once its out as it is an addictive read.

My over active brain has been keeping me awake as per usual, I am now writing down three to four sets of notes for different and unconnected ideas a night along with typing book one of a series and drafting book five of the same series. As well as completely re-writing four ideas with the same information but a different way of telling the tale.

I have been looking back at some of my older projects and I have noticed one odd thing, my writing has changed in the last four years, drastically so. I am hoping that its a good thing.

My head came up with an oddly macabre poem over the Christmas break and I will post it up over the next few days.

Happy 2014

Happy writing



So, a lot going on in my over active brain, Shattered Souls edits are what’s keeping me busy, I have also started the notes on Poisoned by Power book three.

I’ve had another idea titled revolution. It’s in it’s infancy, very early stages.

I also have been looking into others that are dyslexic and found that infamous writer Agatha Christie also had the learning disability that plagues so many people.

My dyslexia shows when I miss part of sentence as my brain is always two sentence’s ahead and spelling some words wrong. Some days are worse than others and it also plagues my short term memory is shot so if an idea hits me I instantly write it down.

If you want to look further into this disability please head to

And to get more info.

Happy writing




I know I have been absent for a while as my health took a turn for the worse. It has been identified and taken care of and I am beginning to feel better.

So, an update, I am being interviewed of Facebook at ten tomorrow night, UK time, which is 23 hours from this post being uploaded. Its an online Facebook interview under this web link and their will be a Q n A section. I am nervous but I’m looking forward to it.

I have been working on Vengeance as well as a new project Spilt Blood, both are the first books of different short novel series.

I have also been looking at Teenage Visions and I am currently trying to find time to do a few tweaks but with everything going on at the moment I don’t seam to have the time.

Would love to see you tomorrow night at the interview as you are always welcome there.

Also I am going to be interviewing Nicolette Grey over the coming months and I hope that a few more of my author friends wouldn’t mind me picking their brains.

Yummm, Braaaaiinnnssss.

Sorry zombie moment there.

Hope  you see you soon and please head over to face book at like my FB page .

Be back soon