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Here’s the cover for Twisted Coven and I love it. Rue has worked her magic yet again.

twisted coven cover



It’s the dreaded beginning of the week.

I’ve been hard at it with one release imminent and another a little over a month away.

I love writing, it’s a good way for me to explore my creativity and explore my mind and the twisted tales it creates. Once Twisted Coven, the White Witch Trilogy, is with my awesome editor I’m going to have a week or two break from writing, if my brain lets me, and then back at it.

I am working on five books after these two releases which are the continuation of the Poisoned by Blood series, two more books in that series. There’s the continuation of the White Witch Trilogy along with ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ which is something that I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys.

There are more projects than them but they are the main ones that are current works in progress and taking up my time.

I love that I can share these with you.

Happy writing




I have been busy. I’ve emailed Spilt Bloods sequel to the boss lady and now i wait on tender hooks while she reads and gets back to me. I’ve renamed it to ‘The Dark Side of Humanity’, and I really like this one, its got darkness, passion, hate, venom and death. It gets smoking hot in there too.

There is more information on the relationship between the Master and Joslyn. CLICK HERE TO GET BOOK ONE!!

I am also super excited as in two weeks I am meeting probably my first ever celebrity crush at Sheffield Comicon. I will be meeting Michael Biehn, the star of Terminator, Aliens, Navy Seals, and so much more as well as the basis for Detective Brooks in ‘The Dark Side of Humanity’, and I am so excited. There’s also the Game of Thrones throne, which is exciting for the three that are with me, they are huge fans, me, not so much.

But its going to be fun, my disability badge has arrived so that I won’t have to walk to far. EDS and insomnia sucks and make life interesting. my mind is constantly moving and thinking hard about things. It is more than a little interesting when I read things back that I’ve written in a sleep deprived state.

So a busy time for me at the moment, including writing. I’m currently writing Hell Hath No fury too, the main character is based on my Best friends daughter, (who’s only a few years younger than me), and i can wait for you to see either of these, I’m also doing work on Night of the Demons 2, an anthology I’m in and I’m super excited.

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Have an awesome Tuesday,


Hello guys

Here’s the second poem I promised you.

For my best friend

You’re there when I need you

You’re t always a text away

You’re always a sounding board

You’re never not reachable

I’ll always be there for you

I’ll always be a call away

I’ll never turn you away

I’ll never lie to you

Two sides of the same coin

Similar yet different

So much in common

Yet the odd thing different

Never worry I’m always there

Never worry I’m at your side

Never worry you’re important to me

Never worry you’re a priority

You know who you are

This is for you

Stay Strong

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hello Readers

I’ve failed, I’ve missed two day, I suck, I’m sorry but I’ve got a Poem for you, well two, I’m posting one now and one later.

Here we go.

For My Husband

You complete me

You make me smile

You help me

You never judge me

You protect me

You put up with me

You look after me

You show me so much love

I love you more than I can ever say

I love you more each day

I love your little fantasy escape

I love how you make me giggle

I love you and always will

You changed me in so many ways

You changed me in a good way

I love you, I love you, I love you

You are mine and I am yours

You make me so happy

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hi Readers

Here’s another prose for you to get your teeth into.

Horror is the dark side of humanity

A way of watching things that scare us

Watching horrors in a safe and warm environment.

Tales of ghosts tormenting, haunting, possessing

Words to chill us to the bone

Films that you shouldn’t watch alone

Horror is the serial killer that’s never caught

Or it’s the one that was but ate his victims

A tale of bloody death, distraction and hate

It’s the ghost or demon possessing something innocent

Possessing a doll, child or virtuous woman

Tales of painful deaths that poison life

From the chilling tale of the exorcist

To the mildly humours Scream

People like the different change from a time gone by

Writing horror is a blessing  and it shows

Creating chilling worlds gives me a natural high

Writing dark tales of murder make me smile

Fiction is sometime adapted from reality

Tales from those around others who have lived through it

Survivors of such unseen horrors

Stick around to read more from my writing archive and over active mind. There is so much more to come.

Happy writing


Hello reader,

Well it’s been a busy week and I have a lot more to do yet. I have received a review of Shattered Soul’s from an author friend of mine and I am humbled by that and the other two reviews I have received, one from a friend and another from a fellow author. I am currently dancing around my house.

Review help me learn and good reviews help keep me going. I am super happy.

here are the links to my three reviews.

I am also waiting to hear back from my publisher about Spilt Blood and if she likes it. I’m nervous and excited. Hope to share with you more soon.

Happy Writing.


Hello readers


Here’s a little poem/prose I put together


One word horror



















































Happy writing




The new year has started and with so much going on I am here to beg forgiveness. I have had a busy last few months with appointments, projects, deadlines and such. I have spent the last few months working on three projects and they are near completion and I am currently beta reading for a good author friend Carmilla Voiez and I will be sharing her fable once its out as it is an addictive read.

My over active brain has been keeping me awake as per usual, I am now writing down three to four sets of notes for different and unconnected ideas a night along with typing book one of a series and drafting book five of the same series. As well as completely re-writing four ideas with the same information but a different way of telling the tale.

I have been looking back at some of my older projects and I have noticed one odd thing, my writing has changed in the last four years, drastically so. I am hoping that its a good thing.

My head came up with an oddly macabre poem over the Christmas break and I will post it up over the next few days.

Happy 2014

Happy writing



I am sorry I have not checked in but with the holidays and deadlines I have not had a lot of time.

Yep its 2am and I’m awake. No change there.

Various projects currently on the goo and Vengeance is being typed up with a, all be it a self imposed, end of February dead line.

I spent a brilliant weekend in Leeds last weekend with the guys we play EQ2 with.

I’ve added a pic from the Museum we visited while in Leeds.

Will have to share soon.

Keep Writing


Hello Guys,


Here is the promiced steamy supernatural fanfiction. Its still in its early stages but thought I would share it as i have been missing for some time.


His tall muscular form stood before her. His beautiful tanned skin marked by scars both old and new. She reached out and traced a new scar that was still red from only recently being healed.

She felt the muscles react to her touch. His toned, perfectly sculptured body was warm under her touch, relaxing as she traced her fingers over the numerous scars on the outside. She winced at the thought of the internal scars. He had been through so much and it had undoubtedly made a mark on his macho yet sensitive nature.

His long legs stepped forward, closing the distance between them in seconds. Her breath caught in her chest as his large hands found her waist. He towered over her. His dark floppy hair and sideburns framed his beautiful scar free face.

She placed her hands against his chest knowing that she should stop it now, stop it before it goes too far. As his warm eager lips found hers all thoughts of resistance were lost.

She feverishly returned the kiss as he pulled her flush against him.

“Oh.. Wow.” She gasped between the heated kisses. His erection was flush against her stomach. He wanted her and though he would hate to admit it, and she wanted him too.

Everything but him flew from her head. She kept her hands still on his chest, letting him take the lead. His hands moved south and each hand completely covered each cheek as he grabbed her firm, peach butt.

After a squeeze or two his hands moved a little further down. He stooped over, continuing the kisses and grabbed her leg and lifted her as though she was a small child.

He held her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist, gasping once more as she felt his erection throb between her legs.

He walked a few steps until he found a wall. He pinned her against it, completely. Her hands now buried deep in his hair as they shared intense kisses using their tongs to explore each other’s mouths.

He groaned as he grabbed her thing cotton blouse, ripping it open, exposing her black silk bra. His hands touching her flat stomach as he moved them he explored every inch of her.

He relieved some of the pressure and moved his hand to her slightly scared back until he found the clasp. He expertly undid her bra in one flick and released her breasts.

He returned the pressure that held her against the wall with his tall muscled body. She moaned in yearning for all of him.

His hands gently grasped her breasts and squeezed them gently causing her to groan mid kiss. Her body reacting to him in the most primal way it can readying itself for what was in no doubt what was going to happen.

She releases his hair and explores his mark chest further. The marks of war, of battle like a road map on his perfectly shaped chest.

He moved his hands back to her waist and began toying with the waist band on her jeans; he knew he would have to let her town to remove her jeans. He broke the kiss and had a small look around and found an old desk nearby.

He walked over to it holding her against him until they reached it where he lay her down and broke the kiss.

He looked down at her with his chocolate brown eyes and slowly unzipped and removed her jeans and clunky boots.

He marvelled at her body as she slowly removed her blouse and bra with so very little effort. His eyes caught her as he leaned down bracing his weight on his arms at either side of her  beautiful body his expert mouth caressed every inch of her, licking, nibbling and caressing her breasts until she arched her back. He needed her well prepared.

He kissed her stomach all the way to her navel and flicked his tongue in causing her to arch, her groans fuelling him on. He wanted her and she knew it.

She opened her eyes to see his perfect face hover just above hers. His husky voice whispered. “Let’s see if you’re ready for me?” As he finished he moved his right hand down her body with a light touch, tracing the lines of battle she had until he reached his goal. His hand traced the edges of her purple lace panties.

She gasped loudly as he inserted a finger inside of her, exploring her. She groaned as he withdrew his finger and replaced it with two. She groaned at the feeling of him stretching her and caressing her from the inside. Another finger joined it and then another.

She groaned at the feel of him inside her, hitting that spot over and over again. She groaned as he caressed her, her back arched. She wanted more. She wanted everything.

As his fingers explored her insides she sat up and tugged at his too big jeans. She made her intentions clear.

She groaned again at the loss of his fingers from inside of her as she pulled at his old worn leather belt. He placed his hands over hers, his right hand still damp from her juices. She looked up and found his eyes. They were filled with longing and fear. “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m not like other guys in the bathroom department. “He stated, fear thick in his voice.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything else, ever!” she cooed.

He placed his hands on her hips and grasped the delicate lace fabric that covered her sex and the place he wanted to bury himself for all eternity.

He pulled and the lace fabric ripped at one mere tug. He threw it on the pile of clothes near his feet and took in her naked form.

She gasped at the tug and smiled as he tossed the lace remnants and looked at her and sat on the edge of a dusty old table. He looked at her with awww as she started to caress his chest once more and while he was distracted she undid his belt and jeans and pulled them down slightly.

She gasped as she freed his erection and instantly understood what he meant by not being like other guys in the bedroom department. He was incredibly well endowed, much like the rest of him.

Instantly she worried if she could handle the size and concerned of any damage he may do.

She looked up at his worry filled eyes and touched the long hard shaft causing the giant before her to moan and close his eyes, the desk holding his entire weight as he stooped over and kissed her.

Instantly her worry lifted as she held the shaft in her hands, holding it, wanting it inside of her regardless of what it would do.

The kiss deepened as passion took over and she directed him to where she wanted him.

Once at the entrance his hands held her curvaceous waist as he slowly eased in to her.

She looked into her his eyes as he slowly, meaningfully entered her with every inch of him. She groaned as he filled her, stretched her while she pulled him deeper and deeper into him.

She smiled as he completely filled her. She had never felt this stretched before. He waited until she had got used to him, all the while holding and kissing her.

She whispered against his mouth. “It’s okay Sam. It feels good.” Her fears disappeared and partially pulled out and then thrusted back in, holding her close with his mouth on hers.

She matched his thrusts and began moaning in his mouth. She sighed as he ended the kiss but soon realised there was a reason for it.

He laid her back on the table, his hand caressing her breasts and torso as he thrust in and causing moan after moan to escape her rose red lips.

She arched her back as he kept hitting the magic spot as he kept hitting the magic spot. She began to feel a familiar feeling as her body tightened in anticipation of her climax.

She opened up her eyes and saw him looking down at her, sweat clinging to every inch of his muscle ripped body.

She locked eyes with him as he continued to move within her, the familiar action but unlike others he hit the spot every time.

Her entire body tensed at the constant attention paid to her magic spot tensing ready for the intense explosion that was heading her way.

“Sam!!” she groaned as the explosion of orgasm ripped    through her body. She felt him explode inside her as she clamped down on his shaft with her slick walls.

She was breathless, panting and covered in a slight mist of perpetration, of slightly salty wet film, he was covered the same mist.

Is weight was held by his large strong arms positioned on the table so she was not crushing his new love

They both stayed still. Still connected as they caught their breath. Their eyes still locked.


There is more to come. I am currently typing up “Vengeance” so may be quiet for a while.

Please Stay tuned.