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Hi Guys

I have had a two week break from writing, i needed it after six months of edits for both Dark Side of Humanity and Twisted Coven that is being released next month so once Twisted went to the editor I told my self it was time for a two week break.

I will say it was hard, very hard, to resist just doing one chapter, writing that chapter plan or just doing that one paragraph. It was unbelievably hard but I managed.

With each book I write, with each book that gets signed I learn more, I know my habits, I have a tendency to repeat things, I have a tendency to capitalize the first word after speech, I try to not do it but I do have a tendency to write said even though it is one of the worst things to do.

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Best get back at it.

Happy Writing


“There is no terror in the bang, only the anticipation of it.” -Alfred Hitchcock

Hello Guys

There is a few big things happening at the moment and I really can’t wait to tell you but I want to make sure i have dates and such to tell you before I reveal it.

As most of you know I have one project on going. I have an erotic sort in an up coming anthology so I will be sharing things before the release of both volumes of the Anthology. I have an event this weekend Horror Weekend Event and I will be doing a competition and giveaway on the day. Head over to Facebook and join the fun.

I have three projects I am editing at the moment and I will keep you informed once I know dates.

Stay Tuned

Happy Writing


Hello Reader,

Were in the middle of a heat wave here in the UK. That’s one of the reasons why I’m working at 2:41 in the morning when it’s a little cooler. but i have a poem for you. I hope you like it.


It was silent

No noise

No sound

Nothing could be heard

Not the tic of the clock

Nor the hum of the fridge

I could see it working

I could see the lights

I could feel the hum

But I could hear nothing

I couldn’t understand it

I feared I was deaf

I went to speak but nothing came out

I didn’t even feel the words leave my mouth

I didn’t understand and what was going on

I began to panic

I searched for a reason

I panicked, shaking, fear filled

I looked around and saw him

I looked at him and froze

He had made the silence

I breathed as I stared at him

His motionless form ridged

His eyes filled with hate

His eyes fixed on me

He hands clenched at his side

I was petrified

Seconds later I woke up

Panting, gasping for air

I was alone and safe

I could hear my rapid breathing

I could hear the hum of my computer

I could hear crickets out side

He wasn’t there

He wasn’t real

He wasn’t around

The silence was gone

The silence was nothing but a dream

The silence wasn’t real

It was a dream

It was a bad dream

It was a nightmare

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hello guys

Here’s the second poem I promised you.

For my best friend

You’re there when I need you

You’re t always a text away

You’re always a sounding board

You’re never not reachable

I’ll always be there for you

I’ll always be a call away

I’ll never turn you away

I’ll never lie to you

Two sides of the same coin

Similar yet different

So much in common

Yet the odd thing different

Never worry I’m always there

Never worry I’m at your side

Never worry you’re important to me

Never worry you’re a priority

You know who you are

This is for you

Stay Strong

Let me know what you think.

Happy writing


Hello Reader.

Its Thursday, and this week has flown by and my mum, who’s visiting, is heading home today and I’ve posted a prose/poem every day since Sunday. Also I have been writing and have done over 10,000 words while mum’s been watching TV at night, so yes, I’ve been working hard.

Here’s today poem

Scream in the Darkness

The night was quiet, almost silent

The darkness thick, like tar

Pin pricks of light within the black expanse

The moon was oddly absent

Driving was dangerous, but she had to

The car moved slowly on the road, for safety

No other car dare drive in such a dark night

Headlights barely penetrated the black night

She was filled with fear about the drive, it was late

She was shaking with fear as to what she might find, when she got home

Her new car travelled peacefully along the road

Her mind running over her screwed up life

The darkness surrounding her resembled her bleak life, dull life

She drove alone as she lived alone and it hurt, like a stab in the heart

She suddenly, without warning pulled over

She stopped the car and jumps out

She vomited out what little was in her gut, violently

She was on all fours emptying her stomach on the roadside, her body tensing

She was shaking as who knows what left her body

She was ridged with deep routed panic

The silence was pierced by a bone shattering, blood curdling scream

She was filled with a new type of panic, that reached into every cell

She scrambled to her feet and headed for her car

She pulled away, leaving a dust cloud behind her

As she drove away tears marred her face, her makeup running

As she drove away, filled with fear and a deep panic

As she left her vomit spot she remained unaware

She was completely unaware of the fox that sniffed her purged food

It wasn’t a human who screamed, it was a fox

Just remember when you drive at night, in the dark

Animals can sound like humans too

Let me know what you guys think.

Happy Writing


Its Thursday,

Where has the week gone? Well I am currently working on my second anthology submission and it is promising to be a little on the saucy side. I will keep you in the loop with other submissions and other things I am working on.

I am part of an event next week and I am so looking forward to it. I’m taking over a page for an hour and I have some stuff planed for the coming including a give away on my Facebook page along with a Twitter Giveaway. I’ll share more details when I can.

I have been doing some poetry at the moment while working on a few projects and I am excited at the moment. I just wish the EDS would calm down so I can put in some decent hours and get some of these things finished.

Facebook Event details.

Have a brilliant week


Hello guys


So summer’s on its way out and the nights are becoming longer and longer but the best news is that Halloween is getting closer to, that and winter solstice is near too.

I have been thinking about a few things of late including why I became a writer. The truth is I never set out to be an author. I used to write, as a child, to express my fantasies about my favourite TV show characters paying special attention to Michael Shanks, Tom Welling and Nick Lea to name but a few.

During my time at University I began writing a book on child abuse, types, how to investigate and so on. During that time I got the idea for a novel originally titled Blakesmith Catacombs, now titled Twisted Covern. When I moved to York I started a writing class and my teacher told me that it was worth publishing.

The class opened something in my head and soon I was over run with ideas. Red Eyes and Shattered Souls were originally submissions for anthology’s but were release on their own and now Spilt Blood has been signed.

I have fallen in love with it and the reviews I’ve had have pushed me forward.

Happy writing





So, the books been on sale for nearly two weeks now, the ranking changes daily but that’s good, means its selling. I’m super excited as days within it going live I got a five star review. I tell you, I couldn’t be happier if I tried.

If you buy the book please leave a review and let me know what you think on here and on Amazon.

I’m still marketing the book and the guys over at Vamptasy are great and help with everything, and my editor, she’s brilliant and understanding. Bless her. I tell you, I can’t wish for more in a publishing company and the other authors I work with are all very talented and we help each other where we can.

Check in with me on

Twitter: simmy202069

Tumbler: simmy202069

Instagram: simmy2030

facebook: Simone Young


Stay Tuned and Happy Writing

Hello readers


Here’s a little poem/prose I put together


One word horror



















































Happy writing




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I am so sorry I have been so very quiet, I have been working on several project that I can share with you soon.

I can’t wait to tell you whats been going on, soon I promice.

On a side note I wish my over active brain would slow down.

Stay tuned.

Happy Writing