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The Discovery

In the early hours of December 26th 1996 Patsy Ramsey awoke to pack and ready the family for a trip. Upon descending the spiral stairs she finds a  two and a half page letter on one of the bottom runs. The note tells her that her 6 year old daughter has been kidnapped and that they want $118,000 (the same amount as of John Ramsey’s Christmas bonus that year) to not call the police and that they’d be in touch.

She woke up her husband and told him his she could find JonBenet and that she had been taken. They called the police and then some family friends. Soon after the house was filled with members of the Boulder Police Department and the FBI along with Friends and family.

The chief investigating officer Linda Arndt asked John Ramsey to search the house at 1pm (MST) taking Fleet white with him they headed to the basement, John checked a room they called the wine cellar and found the infant under a blanket, he saw duct tape on her mouth he lifted her and took her upstairs into the maid room, removed the duct tape and Arndt checked for life, she found none and told the parents that she was gone

Cause of Death

The Autopsy revealed that the little girl had been hit over the head, which knocked her unconscious then she strangled several hours later with a garrote made from items within the house, if she had not been straggled the head injury would have taken her life. There was talk of vaginal injury but there was no rape, the ‘vaginal injury’ that people mention is probably due to the autopsy reveals that the young girl has a Hyperaemia, a Hyperaemia is a section of tissue that has an increased level of blood flow and is red and may bleed from time to time, this may have been an indication of a undiagnosed medical illness. This is questioned by many involved in the case. The autopsy report reveals that the Hymen is still intact and that the Hyperaemia travels past the hymen. There was urine staining of clothes, this is due to the muscles that keep the bladder closed relaxes after death, and there is semifluid present but it is generate from the victim and not from another.


Ransom note

DNA found in the waist of the tights JonBenet was wearing along with DNA found in the panties the child was wearing

Shoe print in the mould on the floor of the room John Ramsey found her in.

The rope and broken brush that make up the garrote

Pineapple chucks in the child stomach


Patsy and John Ramsey

  • Patsy cannot be discounted nor not proved to be the author of the letter.
  • The garrotte was made by one of her artist paint brushes.
  • Lawyered up soon after
  • Judgement over involving their child in beauty pageants
  • DNA absolved them from involvement in the death.

Burke Ramsey

  • Present at the time of death (in the house).
  • Strange/odd emotions in the interview he did with Dr Phil in September of 2016 and in interviews with authorizes after her sister’s death.
  • Some state that he was too young to cause the damage to the infant’s skull. (refer to Mary Bell aged 11, John Venables aged 11, Robert Thompson aged 11, Jordan brown aged 11, Eric Smith aged 13, and especially Derek and Alex King aged 12 and 13 respectfully who were very small who hit their father over the head with a baseball bat and killed him, setting fire to the house to hide their crime who were of a similar size and stature of Burke at the time his sister’s death.
  • DNA cleared him of his sister’s murder.

Michael Helgoth

  • Committed suicide several months after JonBenet’s death, days after the news when the detective told the killer, via the media, that he would find the killer and lock them up.
  • Videotaped confession found in his belongings.
  • A shoe that matched the shoe print in the basement.
  • DNA cleared him.

Bill McReynolds (Santa)

  • Santa at the Ramsey’s Christmas part that year.
  • Daughter was kidnapped 22 years before.
  • Cleared By DNA

There were another 140 unnamed suspects who were investigated throughout the years and all were cleared by the DNA found in the waist band of the tights/leggings and panties/knickers (as we call them in the UK)

What’s needed

  • Deeper analysis of JonBenet’s clothes for DNA not usually seen during searches for fluids (touch DNA).
  • Clearing up any sexual assault information. As I have above.
  • Try to identify anyone who had issues with John Ramsey and knew of their comfortable life style.
    • Also could be known by JonBenet, so she would have trusted them.
  • Analysis of angle of the impact to JonBenet’s head. This may yield the height and if the killer is left or right height headed.
  • Familial DNA Search.

Issues with the case

  • Unsecured scene with too much foot traffic.
  • Incomplete searches done.
  • Lost forensic evidence.
  • Tunnel vision
    • Concentrated on the family and not following any leads that leads away from the family
    • Slandered and dragged the Ramsey’s in the public eye.
    • Continuation of this, they want to speak with Burke despite him being cleared.
    • Intruder theory wasn’t looked at dismissed despite of footprints being near the body that didn’t match anyone in the house.

My Conclusion

The Ramsey’s were not involved someone who knew the Ramsey’s did this to make them feel pain after they felt like they had been done wrong in some way, it was someone the JonBenet knew, they knew the house, they probably feed JonBenet the pineapple, attacked her, knowing her out, wrote the ransom note planning on taking her with them but realized that they couldn’t so killed her and left her in a little known room.

While it is possible for children of a young age to kill I don’t feel that Burke had done this he talks of his sister with such a love that he wouldn’t hurt her. If the angle of the head injury revealed that he did this I would be shocked but I doubt this to be true. As for the voice on the 911 recording that everyone is thinking is Burke is saying ‘what did you do’ I think it is a stretch, much like ghost hunters who do EVP’s that to most make no sense but others hear words.

Burke’s odd behavior during the Dr Phil interview is due to social awkwardness  though I am not trained I would say he has Asperger’s or suffers from a lasting affect from losing his sisters.

Will it ever be solved??

I doubt it, too much damage has been done, too much has gone wrong.

Have a good night