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Happy Thursday

The weekends almost here and I’ve been a busy bee.

I can tell you that Dark Side of Humanity is live. It resolves the cliff hanger ending from book one and deals with Petra and the threats that surround her.

Twisted Coven, book one of the White Witch Trilogy, is going to the editor today and i have decided to take a little break. I’ll still be doing promo for this realease, my other books and the release of Twisted Coven next month.

Please feel free to review any of my books and I hope to share with you Hell Hath No Fury and then continue the series I’m already in the of writing and I have somw surprises in store with those books and you’ll be surprised by where the book lead too.

This year is going to be a big one. I love sharing my books with everyone and I am honoured to be published by a company like Vamptasy.

Have an awesome day





Shocker, I’m posting again so soon. I’ve been working super hard on Spilt Blood and publicity for Shattered Souls hence why I’ve been a little on the quiet aide.


I woke up this morning to a four star review from the girls over a Nerdgirls. I applied several months ago and I was happy when I was told they would review it. I love it.

Click Here to read the review.

As you can probably tell I am excited about it.

I best get back to it.

Happy Writing