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Hello Readers

In the build up to the holiday period I could not be more busy. I have a hand full of books to read and review, promotion for Spilt Blood’s Release on December 29th, it has been postponed due to the holiday period which is fine by me, by the 29th everyone will have their Christmas vouchers and ready to spend them so today I am going to share with you a little bit more information about the book and such.

The tag line for the book is Sexy, beautiful and deadly.

It is one of a series relating to the hidden world of paranormals that include the ones you would expect such as Vampires, mages and such as well as a few others including Dark Elves, Fairies, Orcs and little known races. The first deals with the main characters life after a tragic event see’s her evicted from her only home and forced to swap the heat of the Nevada Desert for the chill of the Alaskan Icy worldiness.

Here’s the blurb to give you more information.

An alien world where paranormals exist side-by-side with humans comes out of hiding when Joslyn and her family move to Valdez. In the midst of adapting to their new life, Joslyn stumbles across two dangerous situations that she must bring to the attention of the powerful mage/vampire hybrid who leads the city’s paranormals.

Though the first is easily dealt with, the second is far more dangerous—a serial killer with a paranormal edge. Can Joslyn hold back the growing darkness within her as she and the hybrid face the dangers? Can she hold back from falling in love with the un-dead leader?

I have been working on some swag bags and I have some excellent prizes planed for the game during the online release party.

Click here you join the party!!

I’m signing off for not to get some reading done.

Have an excellent weekend and happy writing.



The new year has started and with so much going on I am here to beg forgiveness. I have had a busy last few months with appointments, projects, deadlines and such. I have spent the last few months working on three projects and they are near completion and I am currently beta reading for a good author friend Carmilla Voiez and I will be sharing her fable once its out as it is an addictive read.

My over active brain has been keeping me awake as per usual, I am now writing down three to four sets of notes for different and unconnected ideas a night along with typing book one of a series and drafting book five of the same series. As well as completely re-writing four ideas with the same information but a different way of telling the tale.

I have been looking back at some of my older projects and I have noticed one odd thing, my writing has changed in the last four years, drastically so. I am hoping that its a good thing.

My head came up with an oddly macabre poem over the Christmas break and I will post it up over the next few days.

Happy 2014

Happy writing


Happy Holidays guys.

Hope you have all had fun.

I spent most of yesterday either eating, asleep, or on eq. Bad, I know. But, I’ll get there.

Looking forward to starting back at collage to get the grammar and spelling sorted.

This is done on my phone so I will apologise for any mistakes I would usually catch.

I hope you enjoy.

Take care and have fun over the festive period.