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Hi guys


I’ve been hard at and I am busy. With a visit from my Mum and the impending release has me finishing my work. I now have a beta reader and I love her for the help she has given me, she is awesome.

I am so excited about this, the things I have planned for this is immense and i really cant wait to show you what I am going to be making. The cover release will happen so and I know that it will be awesome as always, Rue is a genius when it come to covers and I love every single one she has done for us.

I also have some fun planned for Halloween. I’m always in a cave when writing and it sucks because I’m cut off from anything, I hate not being near my computer while the writing urge has me in it’s grips.

Six weeks until release day, six weeks, I still have to pinch myself when I see my books on out TARDIS coffee table and I really hope that I can continue to release books people want to read, I am working hard on several projects to get me into the minds of readers and I have some videos planned that will use my training and my liking of horror to take my YouTube channel into a few new directions. I really can’t wait. Just working on a few things I need to do before I can share but these next two months are going to be busy for me.

Have an awesome week



Hello Readers

Another post so soon, I know, my early New Years resolution is to keep my multiple blogs up to date, Yes multiple, Here, tumblr and TSU along with my instargram, twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. I love my job and I am finally getting my head around they whole self promotion aspect of being a writer and sharing my tales with others.

I love the act of writing and find it relaxing. It has been something I’ve been doing since childhood, obviously my writing has evolved through the years. I recently went through some of my old writing stuff and I released how bad some of my early work is. I am finding ways of working around my damn dyslexia and the EDS is being a royal pain in the butt as my wrist, thumb and first finger are slightly out of place which makes typing a little painful but I can write long hand as its my left hand that’s not so well and I write with both but predominantly my write.

I have some things planed or my upcoming book release, some will be after Christmas and I have 11 books to give away during the release as well as a few other upcoming treats that I am currently working on, one of which includes recycling a few old books of mine.

Click here to join the release party!!

Click here to get your copy of Shattered Souls

Here’s two teaser posters, one for each current works.

promo poster 10 book one poster 4

Stay Tuned for more.

Happy writing


Hello and welcome to Madness Monday

Well, what a difference a weekend makes. Over the last four day’s several things have happened. First was some sound advice for a fellow author into how to make the most of my brand, which is me and what to do.

So what have I done? I have created a logo for myself, and created a banner and put out feelers for some head shots and once response to my searched have given me cause some excitement, they also work as a journalist for the local paper here in York and he’s mentioned about the possibility of doing a piece on me. I also contacted my university to update my information and tell them a few minor things and they’ve sent me some stuff to full in that may end up on either the course booklets, promotional material and the website.

Also I have been introduced to picmonkey and I’ve been getting pictures ready for the Halloween even. I am thinking about sharing my pictures on here. Most are spooky and I have a few I love more than others.

Comment below on what you want to see.

Click here to get your copy of Shattered Souls

Have a brilliant day

Happy Writing


Getting there

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Hello fellow blogers

I have been quiet for a while, I am sorry. It’s mainly due to the move. As of last friday my baby and I ventured out into the big bad world and moved into our own house.

It has been a hectic two weeks of moving things and such and it’s not over yet. I have yet to sort out our office.

I have managed to get back to writing. I am so happy about it. I am back at college too. I have done a bit of work on a story called Legacy, which strongly involves the misconceptions surrounding the Pagan religion when a Bible belt town is plagued by a series of strange deaths.

I have been working on Troubled Child at college. It is a tale about a child that can read minds and is trying to protect her mother. It’s part of a trilogy and could possibly grow to more. This is entirely possible knowing me.

I am not feeling so good at the moment. I’m Feeling a bit under the weather, I think it’s just the move and were still getting used to everything.

I will keep you informed.

Happy writing


Hello Fellow Writers

As I sit here, wondering if I should write, do some submission stuff, research or just procrastinate and mess about on face book I suddenly realise several things.

Firstly that I should be proud that my first novel is complete and ready for publication. Those of you that are copy editors my disagree and the same with the proofreader’s but from what I can do it is done. I am happy with the story, with the characters and with the subtext. Though I am tempted to add more subtext in placed, I feel that if I do I will make the story more complicated and confuse the character with information that may never come to light. There is one thing I will add which is near the end.  It is a carefully placed sentence that makes the name of the Saga make complete sense.

Secondly I have unwillingly and unknowingly contributed to the negative view of the Pagan religion, not something I want to do, being pagan myself I know how detrimental this can be. Hopefully book two and three will redeem me in the eyes of my fellow Pagans.

Thirdly, it is one hell of an achievement, people often say “I’m going to write a book and it will be great!” I actually have written a book, with several more in the making, and I have every intention to get it printed.

Being a fiction/thriller/suspense writer I feel it would be in my best interest to have an agent. I am not a business woman nor am I a lawyer. I need someone to help me deal with the business and help me deal with the paperwork and such that it involves. I have worked in the privet business  and in sales and though I was good at both I would not view them as worthy while experience for me to pitch an English author writing a story based in Washington State, Walla Walla county. I have changed the name of the town, but not the county. It makes it so much easier when dealing with distances and such.

Now is just the task of finding an agent, one I get on with and one who will have my best interests at heart. A rare thing when money is involved but let’s just hope I managed to find a good one and that the book does well. I really hope it does.


I am so bad, been a bit ill of late hence why I have not been updating my blog.

Horror and thrillers are what I am best at. Small story’s are getting harder to do. Large stories are taking over.

I have done two more chapters on Mirror Image. It’s getting more and more twisted. My darling other half laughed when I explained what the sorry is about, he told me I was sick and twisted because the main character was raped by her father who was a nasty guy. Won’t give you to much details but it is a twisted story.

It’s getting to the pivotal point at the min. I still have a lot of typing to do on Dead College Girls Cry. Which really needs renaming, any suggestions will be gratefully received And I really need to get Twisted Coven finished.

Okay Monday writing and job interview prep. Tuesday get ready and do interview Wednesday Mind and my dear friend Sandra’s for tea. Thursday writing Friday college. Busy week again.

Hopefully tonight I can get some writing done. Cross fingers.
Will fill you in if I get any done. Just had a lovely chicken lunch. Thank you Sandra.

Happy writing..

Let me know any idea on the Dead College Girls Cry new title. Think I’ll do a poll.


Hello Readers

Well this week has been one of those week. I feel so bad. I have not done a stitch of reading or writing this week. Not in the slightest. I feel so bad. I am at college at the moment and posting while I wait for Judy, the teacher, to have her lunch and the rest of the other students to come in and we can get going. I am hoping that I still improve much like I did last week.

Now I am going to confess to you something that is frighteningly strange to me. I was watching an old episode of America’s next top model, the one where they were taking pictures as thought they had been killed, by each other and it gave me a very odd idea of writing a tale of a group of people who are put to gether in much the same way as America’s next top model/big brother and one by one they get killed off. I think it may have been done before. I know there was something similar in one of the saw films. I guess if I approach it in a different way then that will help and bring a new angle to it. Hum, the brain starts ticking.

I love my new English teacher. She has just said she can’t believe that I am turning 30 this year. Before you ask, the picture on this account is a year old at most. Wedding is coming along, may have a location, with no charge, even better.

I think a lot of you liked my previous post Helpful Hints and I will try my best to do a few more like that. I am also going to ask some writer friends to do a guest post for me. I so hope I can get P I Barrington to. He’s a nice guys and a very talented writer.

Please stay tuned. There is a lot more to come.

I feel so bad that I have been quiet this week. To much to do not enough me time.

Stay Tuned guys.


Writting Class

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Hi Guys,

Back at college and using my writing to releard the rules of grammar. Loving it and using the idea that had me awake last night which at the moment is titled “Vigilante Killer”, I don’ know if I am going to keep that title though.

Will fill you in on what I learn later.

Out for a meal tonight so it might be really late when I check in again.

Happy Writing.