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Teenage Visions

Posted: September 3, 2012 by Simone Young in Late Night Work, Short Stories
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It looks like you all enjoyed “Two Dead Boys”, and I hope it was amusing and ironic.

I am working on Teenage Visions as I cannot sleep.

Some of you may recall that it was up a while ago and I took it off after feedback that caused me to rethink some elements of the tale.

I have three chapters drafted and I have cranked up some of the key parts of the story.
I will work on it for some time tonight and once it’s typed, which should be later this week I will start the proof reading and work on it.

I am also going to be working on “Twisted Coven” this week and I have started typing up plans but have a large pile of them to type.

Added to that I’m sketching concepts for the husbands various ideas for which I have yet to type up the plans for.

Though I think I should concentrate of “Twisted Coven” as that is a lot closer to being finished.

I have this plus job applications and a booklet to complete as well as jewellery to make and a home to keep clean while sorting out specialists and dealing with my disability and a chest infection.

At least I have plenty of distractions to take my mind of the pain.

Will post the new tale soon and will try and add some short tales too to keep you entertained.

I may even add my short stories I wrote some time ago.

Stay tuned.