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Hello Readers

I bring to you a review of my good friends book ‘Taken’, it is a brilliant book and a excellent read.


When you start reading your heart instantly feels for the main character Kasha and you are taken on a journey as the protagonist attempts to make sense of where she was and what she is being told.

She jumps between three different plains of existence as she slowly comes to terms with her grandmother and guardians posthumous admission that she had hidden something from her. She is torn with wanting to know the truth, the reality if her being hidden by an unknown force while her heart is split between two men.

It is well written and the shifts in reality are seamless and the mixture of fear, lust, pain and violence keep you reading and turning the page.

I highly recommend the book and all its twists, turns and surprises you will ensure you will enjoy the book and read it all the way through.

Taken UK Amazon

Taken US Amazon

So if I was you I would go and have a look at it.

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Two Five Star Review

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