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Another post so soon, I know, my early New Years resolution is to keep my multiple blogs up to date, Yes multiple, Here, tumblr and TSU along with my instargram, twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. I love my job and I am finally getting my head around they whole self promotion aspect of being a writer and sharing my tales with others.

I love the act of writing and find it relaxing. It has been something I’ve been doing since childhood, obviously my writing has evolved through the years. I recently went through some of my old writing stuff and I released how bad some of my early work is. I am finding ways of working around my damn dyslexia and the EDS is being a royal pain in the butt as my wrist, thumb and first finger are slightly out of place which makes typing a little painful but I can write long hand as its my left hand that’s not so well and I write with both but predominantly my write.

I have some things planed or my upcoming book release, some will be after Christmas and I have 11 books to give away during the release as well as a few other upcoming treats that I am currently working on, one of which includes recycling a few old books of mine.

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Happy writing



Hi guys,


Hope you’re all ready for Christmas and having fun. Here’s another example of ekphrasis, this one is a little scary, hope you enjoy guys.


Coffin Temptation –

Tale of the death of a Gothic Girl



"Raised Final Resting Place"

Have you often wondered what would happen if you thought you could get away with anything

It stands alone in the church yard. The grave is small but sparsely populated most of the coffins and underground and marked by the tombstone, some are even under the floor of the church.

I always smirked, my mind thinking of the contents of the coffin. It had been empty for some time. The remains originally incarcerated in the stone coffin were reburied in the graveyard on the outskirts of four little town I was one of the few who were aware od the move and it provided me with the perfectly opportunity, one I couldn’t take advantage of for so long until that night.

I spent that faithful night at the bar of the local Goth bar. I was unable to dance, it wasn’t a pleasant sight so I avoided doing it but watched as the scantily, black clothed gothic women danced the night away obvious of my surveillance of them.

One young pretty thing watched me. I knew she was keen to speak to me, she has seen me watching her and the others dancing, she was, by far, the prettiest , it didn’t take long, not long at all, for her to be completely charmed by me. I could charm almost anyone. A gift and a curse.

As we left the sweaty club and as I caressed her soft, young skin she responded well. We snuck into the small grave yard, laying her on the stone and had my erotic fun with her and caressed her pale while skin clad in her black clothes.

Just as I spent my load I followed my dream, my instincts and wrapped my tanned hand around her pale white neck and squeezed, moments later her eyes closed, her breathing slowed to a stop and her heart, her breathing to a stop. My exactly intensified as her life ended. I knew what to do with her fresh corpse, removing the stones from the top of the raised burial, and lay her into the empty coffin. Replacing the I smiled; I smiled knowing no one would ever know she was there.

I would be my secret, and that it remains so  it is my secret, no one knows she is there, only me, every one think that it’s the remains are old or not there at all.


Let me know what you guys think, I did tell you I do some scary work.


Stay tuned.