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I know this has been several days in the making and I am so sorry, my crappy illness got in the way of me typing this. I hope you enjoy it.

Please, Feedback is more than welcome.

Haunted House Prose

The house was empty, quiet, creepy, dusty, it made me itch, my nose itch, I desperately wanted to sneeze but it was too soon, I was in hiding, the plan, the plan was to scare Jacob, my life long friend. I knew he was on his way to meet me for our nightly story telling night, telling each other scary stories and attempting to scare each other, we did that all the time. We wanted to see who would scare the easiest, and it wasn’t as easy as you may think.

Jacob was the same age as me. He was your typical hard boy, never one to show is scared, he would always jump and shrug it off that he burped or something. He never admitted that I had ever scared him although I know there was at least three occasions I had nearly made him crap himself.

The plan for the scare was simple, wait for him in the abandoned house on the outskirts of town, where we alway meeting there. I waiting behind the doorway that lead to the basement, waited silently for his footstep on the wooden veranda. I was waiting patiently.

The only thing is, despite my plan I realised he was running late and sat on the top step, looking down at the empty basement, only it wasn’t empty and I became aware of a calm, gentle voice, softly calling my name from the basement and I saw a denim clad leg sticking out at the bottom of the step.

I quietly quickly walked to the bottom only to discover Jacob, unconscious at the basse of the stairs and the voices calling my name continued. I looked at him, I needed to find out what was going, what had happened to jack, it scared me, petrified me.

I looked around the basement and I could hear it the voices coming from the far corner of the room, I couldn’t see what was making the sound. My heart was racing, the voice was so gentle but yet so eerie, I was on my tip toes when I heard a foot step behind me, I turned to see Jacob behind me, blood on his face, eyes closed, he opened them, they looked like cats eyes, mean while the room was filed with voices softly saying my name.

My heard was going ten to the dozen and the floor about us creaked, like some one was up there. I froze, Jacob wasn’t human anymore, I don’t know what he was.

Suddenly, he Laughed at me, breaking the act, breaking the scare. I jumped back, scared out of my skin, my hand went to my heart. I could have slapped him that night. He won that night, it was his best scare by far.

Hope you enjoyed it