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Manchester Bombing :(

Posted: May 24, 2017 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works, news
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This week has brought another terrorist attack, two months on from the attack in London, both attacks happened on the 22nd of the month. There have been excellent reactions with people helping those in need. Taxi drivers turning off their fares and giving people rides that need them, houses near by opening the door to people who need to charge the phone, contact people, catch their breath.

There was workers at the Arena that kept a calm mind and prevented further injuries and helped keep people calm. There was even a homeless man who stepped in and helped. It as an horrific and terrible thing and those that were killed and injured will forever be in my heart and I am saddened by the event.

To make it worse people are trying to make drama and make things about them which is sickening and it pisses me off. There was this guy.:—-

david 1david 2

Who was given hell for it. How can you joke about something so serious that has only just happened, these were tweeted shortly after the incident and have since been deleted.

He is a free lance writer and as a writer I find it horrifying that he joked so soon when he knew that there was fatalities.

Then there is Onision, the surge of YouTube, who managed to make the whole thing about him and he made a video about it, saying why is their such an out cry about these deaths when thousands die from cancer. Here’s he’s tweet.

blaire white tweet.

Thank you Blare for making this known, along with the Warski’s for speaking up against him. I have done a video that, surprise surprise, it was demonetized but here’s the link. Onision is the worst, the worst of the worst. Click here for the video. also as a Brit I find these tweets and Onisions video as insulting and it worries me that they can be so horrid at such as delicate time for the UK.

I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt but now I’m done.

My heart and love goes to those affected by the events in Manchester. If you see anything out of the ordinary please speak up as you could save lives. We all, all religions, have to work together to end the grip that terror groups have on us.

Stay Safe