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Here is the cover for my November 15th release and I love it. 

The young lady on the cover is a good friend of mine and acted as my muse on thus book. There are a few things that are here in the book but there are little differences. I have been working on this book for two year and the mother of the lady on the cover (who’s also my best friend) helped with the beta reading.. 

I am so excited. I can’t wait. 

Happy writing


Hi guys

I’ve been super quiet lately as ive been knee deep in edits with upcoming books. I have the release dates.

Darkside Of Humanity, book two of the Poisoned By Blood series is due for release in January 14th 2016

Get book one here

Twisted Coven, book one of the White Witch trilogy is due for release 3rd March 2016

I’m also going to be making some t-shirts and hoodies for all books for you guys to buy if you want and do some give aways with them.

So thats what’s going on.

Happy writing


Hello readers,

Hope everyone’s okay. It’s a busy week, I’ve sent the short stories I’ve been working on off for feed back.

I have to finish the booklet for tomorrow and get it ready for printing. I might be having a meeting tomorrow and I have a few lengthly emails need to be sent.

It looks like a busy week I only hope my body let’s me get I done.

I have to get cracking.

Happy writing


Research and Plans

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Ive been fighting illness and pain to do as much work as I can. Soon I will doing the corrections for ‘Two Dead Boys’ and put it up with the rhyme at the end as a reminder.

And speaking of which, if you guys notice an error or want me to do something specific please let me know.
Stay tuned guys and stay happy.



Me and my better half have started doing some work on his novels and stories. I still have one to proof read, and some of it I’ve written but still need proof reading.

I’m also working on twisted book two. Going to work on corrections tomorrow for book one. I’m having a bad pain day today.

My babies due home in just under two hours. I can’t wait to hold him. I love him loads. Okay enough of that.

Planed a few short stories for him to do. I’m also teaching himself a few rules of writing to. I hope he will like what I’ve done. He like the idea of us co-writing as he hasn’t been doing it as long as I have so he is relying on my experience.

Hopefully it will all work out.

Happy writing and stay tuned


Writting Class

Posted: January 20, 2012 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works
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Hi Guys,

Back at college and using my writing to releard the rules of grammar. Loving it and using the idea that had me awake last night which at the moment is titled “Vigilante Killer”, I don’ know if I am going to keep that title though.

Will fill you in on what I learn later.

Out for a meal tonight so it might be really late when I check in again.

Happy Writing.