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Why are we obsessed with death


For as long as we have been aware of our own existence humans have been obsessed with death. We have little knowledge of what happens when we die. Do we stop existing or go to some form of utopia? Are we aware of life after death?

As a result of this unknown and our fear we have become obsessed with the dead, some more than others. While studying for my degree I did a dissertation on the information you can gain from mummified remains compared to what you can find out from skeletal remains. I had to learn more about death including what happened and what affects if a body decomposes or mummifies. I enjoyed learning so much and I was shocked by how they live and died.

We preserve bodies, even today, from medical school cadavers, medical oddity exhibits and Dr Gunther Von Hagen’s macabre exhibitions may turn some peoples stomach it prove that humans want to learn everything it shows the internal working of the human body, a medical marvel in itself.

We have an entire industry dedicated to the preservation of human remains though it is done in order to allow people to more the dead and provide the time to organise burial of the remains the truth is that embalming sometimes lasts several years, which in murder cases can be a blessing but in others it can be harmful to others in so many ways.

Whenever you are in a car and you pass an accident a large percentage of people will look whether it be morbid curiosity or out of concern it is human nature to want to know what out end it.

Our fear of death causes us to be obsessed with controlling it, some do all they can to live for as long as they can, others chose to end their suffering if they are plagued with a chronic or terminal illness. I can’t blame either of them.

Though I am not a member of a mainstream religion, nor am I member of a coven, (I am pagan) I do believe in an afterlife, for some they are spirited into a peaceful existence, others stay here, whether it be due to not wanting to leave family, fixing something that went wrong. I have had experienced several event’s that solidify my belief in ghosts, I am a second generation Witch (Pagan) and a second generation medium. I use a scrying stone to commune with the dead and I’ve done it a handful of times.

My own studies do not cloud my belief. I learned the mechanic of death and the after effects of death. The body dies in stages and that’s what I learn’t. I used case studies, information, accidental and purposeful mummification.

We live, we die. There is no changing that, nothing, no matter how hard we try but I trust that I will have an afterlife though I could not prove this, I have my own stories and while I am intrigued by death I do not know what will happen when I die but I believe in an afterlife.

Believe what you want too, never let anyone change that. Religious or not, we all have to believe in something.

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