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Hello Readers

The weekend is here and it’s time to have fun, relax and read a book. **Hint Hint**

Shameless plug done now to get to the reason for this post. I was given the chance to beta read a fellow Vamptasy Publishing Author Carmilla Voiez book Basement Beauty before it was published. She also asked me to review the book for her, so here it is.

Basement Beauty follows the life of a young woman, Amalthea, who works in a bar at night and writs during the day. With the arrival of a young poet, David, who reads during Poetry night and a woman searching for David, Eva. The tale flips from Amalthea, David and Eva. As things with the three heat up with David becoming obsessed with Amalthea, Eva’s need to find him and Amalthea being caught in the middle. Added to that there is a killer on the lose. The tale takes some unexpected twists and turns that keeps you guessing.

I loved the fact that I never knew what was coming next. It kept me on my toes and when I started reading the three main characters made an impression and I was surprised when what I first thought they were they were not. It was a tale that messed with your head and kept you interested.

I love the authors work and I am currently working through the recently re-released Starblood Trilogy, in one volume not three, and I’ll be doing a review of that in due time.

I would say that Basement Beauty is well worth a read.

Click here for Starblood
Click here for Basement Beauty

Head over to her facebook, link above and have a look at what she’s up to. She’s busy with podcasts, YouTube video’s, and working on other projects. If you look at the previous posts it has some teasing exerts from Basement Beauty, there’s also other links for Twitter etc.

Happy Reading and Writing

Have a brilliant weekend.



I don’t usually do this so please indulge me on this one. As most of you may be aware I have dyslexia. I am lucky as I am on the lower end of the scale however I still struggle. Especially when I’m tired, when I have high pain levels (which is often with my medical conditions) and, most of all, when I’m under stress.

It is still not as well treated or recognised in the schools as it should be and though some are discovered early, others, like myself, were not diagnosed and identified until later on. Mine was identified when I was eighteen when I told my college tutor my mother was dyslexic. That was when the penny dropped so to speak for the education system.

Work does need to be done about helping others with this so that they don’t think they are stupid or thick and that they need to rapidly restructure and reassess the way they deal with it. I’ve found a list of celebs and famous people with dyslexia. Some of which might surprise you. I already knew about Tom Cruise, Albert Einstien and Richard Branson but I didn’t know about Jamie Oliver, James Martin Keira Knightly and so many other the other.

Dyslexia does not mean you are stupid or thick. Actually it is the opposite. With my Dyslexia my IQ is 132 however if I wasn’t dyslexic it would be 20 point higher. The average mark for IQ is 80-110 and if I was three points higher I would be at MENSA level yet I hate crosswords and Sudoku. I have no patience for them.

A person’s IQ changes throughout life and those with high IQ’s are not always socially graceful. Other people’s brilliance shows in other ways and you do not need to have an high IQ to be smart.

Just remember that if you are dyslexic you are not thick, you are not stupid and you have gifts that others may not have.

Writers that have had or had dyslexia are Agatha Christie, Hans Christian Anderson, Henry Winkler, Leonardo Da Vinci, Whoopie Goldberg and french author Gustave Flaubert to name but a few. So, yes you can be a writer even if you are dyslexic. There is nothing stoping you I did it and so can u.

Hope this has given you food for thought my fellow writers, thank you for indulging me.

Happy Writing


Well guys,

After living in the new house for a month the office is finally in a useable state. there is still a lot to do and organise and there is more furnature coming and more stuff to come from his mums but it seams we may be getting there.

I’m in the corner which is fine because I have everything in arms reach. Next week I will be cracking on with the changes to twisted along with a few others projects.

So much going on at the minuite it is so untrue. We still have so much to do on the house and books, projects and such.

Stay tuned might but up some more teasers for other projects to get my teeth into.

Let cross out fingers I get some peace and quite soon so I can crack on with projects and get some serious work done.

Stay tuned guys more interesting things to come.


Hello Readers,

I am glad so many of you liked the interview I did with Rebecca Hamilton. She is such a nice person and her skills as a writer are eminence. I have to say with her busy home life I am so surprised she had time for everything else but she is publishing a sequel to Forever Girl later this year. I hope.

I am at college again and I have found I have just six classes before my exam and qualification :(. But on the plus side I am currently looking into getting my leve 3 in English Language, with a bit of luck I will be able to get it free as money is a little bit tight. Level 3 is the equivalent of an A level. I hope I can manage it while getting various books ready for print.

I have also designed my business cards and I am currently looking into doing a booklet of stories, poems and flash fictions for sale in the York Area. All the while I am trying to organise a wedding, sort out a house, find a job and chase doctors for a diagnosis for the condition that plagues me so much.

I currently have a to-do list a mile long and for all of the above things. after college i need to head home and put up some shelves, start tea and such.

I also need to get hold of Microsoft office publisher, without spending too much money. I may have a way of doing it. We’ll just wait on that one. I need to have a word with a good friend of mine.

Happy Writing


Hello fellow writers

I feel so cross with my self. I’ve not been on for so long, namely due to the work involved in moving. Packing stuff in so many places is hard work. Were taking a trip to my mums on Thurdsday, to pack the stuff we have there.

I do have some posts writen, I just need to Type them up which I will try and do that this afternoon.

We hope to get the keys for the house this week.  Everythings all go for me at the minuite. Busy bee. Lets not forget all the wedding planing, giving notice on Wednesday. then I have a Job interview next Tuesday, one I hope I have a really good chance of getting the job , it’s part time, NHS. Keep your fingers crossed for me

I’ve not heard from back from my e-mail to the agent yet, may get the other e-mail/letter sorted.

Busy, am I ever anything but.

Happy Writing


Hellow readers

No matter how hard I try I can not write about the perfect romace or fluffy little bunnies or childrens tales filled with adventure, fun, laughter an innocence. I have tried but they always take a twisted route wiether this is intentional or not it always involves some negitive or evil force hell bent on hurting or some angry ghost who wants revenge.

I have tried, I have tried so hard as i know my style and genre is not nessacery what some people want to read. It is just what I write and what my imaginiation wants.

A friend wanted a nice Christmas tale and I said I would try and send it to her. I have finished the tale however I am reluctant to type it as usual it has taken a slight twisted change though not as big or as significant as I usually do.

I admit those who do, who write tales for children such as hidden world of cats in a tale called Koshka, by a close friend of mine, Alexandra Smith. Search her and you will see some of her work.

And the greats.

It might be the fact that I was raised on horror films. My imagination is twisted and warped coming up with tales of sweet innocent perfect and beautiful children becoming a vigilantie serial killer, an adopted girl who finds out shes a pincess and is about to turn into a vampire.

Thats not including the various tales of insane asylum, privet schools,  haunted teens and the tales of sick and twisted serrial killers, college girls who get killed one by one. So many more. My idead come to me vivid detailed and insessant on being written down and worked on.

More to come.

Twisted is now at 149/168 and 66,381. 19 pages left and ten need completely rewriting.

Stay tuned.



I think I am in shock, I know have fourteen followers. Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Today I have been working on Twisted Coven. It is getting closer, now on 141/167 and 65,951 words not bad for my first novel.

I do have some work topo still as a few chapters need to be rewritten. They dont flow right at the moment. and its the information stage between the two big bangs in the story.

At the moment it more tell than show at the minute.

Better get it done. I need to get it done. working hard should see the end result very soon.

I also need to rename the town though I’m keeping the county same. I might even post a few pictures of the area so you can get a sense of the area.

Stay tuned for more information and projects. I have a mind full of wild scary and horrific idea’s that are just screaming to be written down.


Hi guys


Hope you are all well, I have enjoyed your comments on my previous posts, though I haven’t posted them all. Apologies for that but I have to think about my fellow writers reading my blog. So I have to keep comments that are, well, less sex related.

I apresiate all comments though.

I have been quiet for the last few days as I have been suffering with the flu. only just started to feel strong enough to do anything properly. Not a good start to the year but I will get there. I looked like a chipmunk on saturday as my glands were swollen.

Have a few projects that have come to mind while I was full of a fever. Will update you on those and I am looking at the drafts for Teenage Visions moments after I post this.

Please email me with anything you want me to look at to

Stay Tuned



Hi people,

Here’s a little look into my writing mind. Heres how I do things, may not work for you but it might help you some where alone the line.

Each author is different, they each have their own system and they each have their own formula for writing, individual reuses and idea’s came of various different services. We all have our own little way and this snippet of the way I  do things.

First I get the first snippet of an idea. It is void of detail and a general skimming and lack of details.

Secondly identify characters and a little of their background. Then I build the characters interaction.

Thirdly, detailed notes with save room to breath, particularly if their are any crimes involved. Detail these in a separate file and print out to help with continuity during writing.

Fourth! Define locations and again print out details to do in location and continuity.

HELPFUL HINT!! I find this one a good one. When looking at characters physical appearance I have a tendency to use actors/actresses to help with continuity and with visualisation.

Lastly Write!!!!

While it sounds a little restrictive the idea and plan are no as detailed to allow some freedom. You write using these three simple rules.




This is one of the ways I do things. My source of ideas come from various different places and areas from existing movies to myth’s, photos to statues.

Hope this helps guys

Stay tuned


Hi people,

Here’s a tale that has come to mind during a day spent in bed, pain all over my body, my knee in agony.

Anyway, here goes…

The house was silent, no noise, Two children in one room, both males lay sleeping in one room, in the room next door a young woman lay sleeping as the dark room surrounded her. She was oblivious of the fact that a tall dark figure was watching her. His eyes trained on her. Not moving. His gaze never wavering.

As he watched she lay sleeping, quietly, barely a noise she made. He watched as she moved silently, her body doing something she had no control over. She was oblivious to the fact she was alone. She normal slept with her husband. she was oblivious to the fact that she was alone.

While she was alone her husband was in the living room, his heart starting to falter, he had been stabbed twice and his heart was slowly pumping what was left of his blood all over the white leather sofa.

The children in the next room were not sleeping like they appeared to be. They were no longer living, their hearts no longer beating, no longer living, their hearts stopped by a quick, silent, bullet to their head. The only one living was the woman, the wife the mother. Oblivious she was to the growing read stain in the living room and the boys bedroom.

Thankfully, thankfully she was oblivious to the deaths, the quick deaths of her two children and her life long partner.

As the figure moved closer to her, closer to her sleeping figure, closer to the beautiful blond sleeping figure. His knife, bloody, raised, poised ready. The figures dark eyes showing intent, intent on harming the beautiful figure.

The knife landing down on the hair of the woman, cutting it short. She remained sleeping. She stayed asleep without realising what was happening. She didn’t move. She was deep in sleep as he pulled her hands and tied them together to the post at the top of the bed. Her legs tied to the bottom post.

There was a sudden loud creak as the figure moved his weight to look at the womans sleeping face. His eyes intent. Her eyes suddenly opened and were immediately filled with fear. Fear at the hate filled eyes and bloodied knife in the intruders hand.

Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned.