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Hi guys


I’ve been hard at and I am busy. With a visit from my Mum and the impending release has me finishing my work. I now have a beta reader and I love her for the help she has given me, she is awesome.

I am so excited about this, the things I have planned for this is immense and i really cant wait to show you what I am going to be making. The cover release will happen so and I know that it will be awesome as always, Rue is a genius when it come to covers and I love every single one she has done for us.

I also have some fun planned for Halloween. I’m always in a cave when writing and it sucks because I’m cut off from anything, I hate not being near my computer while the writing urge has me in it’s grips.

Six weeks until release day, six weeks, I still have to pinch myself when I see my books on out TARDIS coffee table and I really hope that I can continue to release books people want to read, I am working hard on several projects to get me into the minds of readers and I have some videos planned that will use my training and my liking of horror to take my YouTube channel into a few new directions. I really can’t wait. Just working on a few things I need to do before I can share but these next two months are going to be busy for me.

Have an awesome week



Hello Readers

I bring to you a review of my good friends book ‘Taken’, it is a brilliant book and a excellent read.


When you start reading your heart instantly feels for the main character Kasha and you are taken on a journey as the protagonist attempts to make sense of where she was and what she is being told.

She jumps between three different plains of existence as she slowly comes to terms with her grandmother and guardians posthumous admission that she had hidden something from her. She is torn with wanting to know the truth, the reality if her being hidden by an unknown force while her heart is split between two men.

It is well written and the shifts in reality are seamless and the mixture of fear, lust, pain and violence keep you reading and turning the page.

I highly recommend the book and all its twists, turns and surprises you will ensure you will enjoy the book and read it all the way through.

Taken UK Amazon

Taken US Amazon

So if I was you I would go and have a look at it.

Happy Writing





Shocker, I’m posting again so soon. I’ve been working super hard on Spilt Blood and publicity for Shattered Souls hence why I’ve been a little on the quiet aide.


I woke up this morning to a four star review from the girls over a Nerdgirls. I applied several months ago and I was happy when I was told they would review it. I love it.

Click Here to read the review.

As you can probably tell I am excited about it.

I best get back to it.

Happy Writing



Little old me again. I’m sat writing book one of the ‘Poisoned by Blood’, and I am enjoying the tale it really does have a mind of its own. I have done a guest blog for my publishing company Vamptasy and I have been working on little teasers for here. Prose and flash fiction.

I have had a few more reviews from ‘Shattered Souls’, several of my friends have read it, one wanted a sequel, another loved it as she hated the main character and loved the ending. It has only been good things. It’s spurring me on to get ‘Spilt Blood’ done.

One of my friends was describing to another how I plan every story. I used to just let it flow but that caused me to waffle on and go off point. I was doing a writing course with my local college when one of the tutors taught me how I could plan out the tales. She is shocked that each idea has it’s own notebook and its own detailed plan. I was just glad that she liked the end product. I have been asking for as much feed back as possible to help with future books.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come.