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Hello readers,

Hope you are all enjoying the weather. Here in the UK we, for once, have sun shine.

I really Hope its lasts a while longer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Today I am going to talk about the novel I have been working on for some time now, ‘Twisted Coven’, and although I will not be putting any extracts from the book on here I will however put on a few sumarys and Blurbs to wet your apitite while I finish of a few bits on it and with luck start the process of publication soon after.

First I will explain why I am reluctant to put on samples of the story.

During my researcher in to agents and publishers the vast majority of them like to recieve work that is unpublished and to some of those if the work in on a blog or website then it is published. This is not true for all just a selection of them. The main reason for this, I guess, is to ensure that the work submited to them in fact belogs to the person sending it in and not the person who saw it on the internet, changed it a little and then sent it in.

I am aware of instances where a struggling writer has put thier novel on the internet and it then recieves a publication request by a publisher who has seen it on the internet and tracked down the author. I am happy to put samples on here of my writing, but not one of the projects I am hoping to get printed. I am just worried that some one will see the book and essentially steal it. Though this is rare it is sill a concern of mine.

I have recieved excellent feedback on this from several different quarters and love the fact that those people have enjoyed reading it and that it pulled them in from an early stage.

Okay now the serious part is over I will put on a sumary of the novel for you all to have a look at.

‘Twisted Coven’ is a spine chilling tale of a doctors first year in residency as a psychitrist in a home for the criminally insane. Her first case throws questions at her from the very beginning as she attempts to identify why her first patient killed her family. After a little investigating the young doctor soon realised that her patient did not kill her family and she begins to unravel over a hundred years of murder, abuse, tourture and torment that have happened in or near the hospital resulting in the walls being stained by the blood and souls of the countless dead. She brings the wrath of the nearby town on to her head as she begins to uncover what has been going on resulting in a battle she has little chance of winning. She had to apease the spirits of those killed for them to be at peace but will she survive or will she just be another vistim.

I hope that has wetted your apetite and I will choose from my countless blurbs to give you one I think you will like. I might give a few to see which one you like best.


Happy Writing.




Hope you’re all well.

I am currently working on several project at the moment with various people and various tales.

I may have a model for my new tale which is Stir of Echo’s meets the Grudge with my twisted little take on it.

A tale of a woman hell-bent of tearing the men who killed her apart.

There is also a murder mystery horror which should be good, really good. I can’t wait for mine n the hubby’s office to be sorted then I can knuckle down, get book one out there and book two finished.

Happy Writing


Hi Readers,

I have a few suggestions for all your budding writers out there. Hers a few things that you will benefit from doing, as I do on a regular basis.

  1. Keep a notepad and pen with you at all times, easier to do if you are a woman but guys man bags are cool, and useful for writers.
  2. Write down any thing down that comes to mind. Any thing, a partial conversation you over heard, description of building.
  3. Get writing magazines, not only do they tell you about successful writers and competitions but they also give you exercises and advise.
  4. For adding drama and tension shorter sentences are better. Especially during the more frightening events.
  5. Grammar is important but getting the tale on paper is the main aim. Editors and proof readers will help with the grammar.
  6. Believe in yourself, if you don’t who will.
  7. Sell yourself to your agents, they use your letter to judge your writing make it as eye-catching and grammatically correct as possible and follow the agencies rules. NB; Agencies and publishers do not like a generic approach so research each agencies and make your approach as personalised as possible but do tell them if you are approaching other contacts as well as them.
  8. Write what you know!! I know everyone says it, but it is true, Patricia Cornwell is a trained Pathologist so it is no surprise that the main character in her biggest book series is a pathologist too. If you know the subject you can write about it with minimal errors as if you write a tale about astrophysics as you know nothing about it you will make a mistake and could potential put people off reading the rest or you could upset them or possibly end up damaging you reputation.
  9. Notes are your friend. I do this to help with continuity. I keep notes to help me remembered who has done what and other key elements of information that may come up later in the book or series. So notes are ideal. I have just began to use Microsoft office 2010’s one note and it keeps and using Powerpoint to turn plans of building (houses and hospitals) and such into jpeg files
  10. Last one, I promise. Write what you want to write but take any feed back given and approach it constructively even if what they have said had hurt. Feedback is you friend and not to be feared.

10 basic rules, all to help and there is a few example in there too.

I want people to enjoy my writing and enjoy my blog. I want to pass on any advise I have been given and pass it on to others and you guys are the lucky ones.

I have more stuff to type up. A section on inspiration, one relating to why I write paranormal thrillers and then there is the one about the process I am now in, the submission stage.

I will also post any helpful links when I spot them.

Happy writing


Well today has been a busy day.

Up early to get ready for Ekphrasis then off to English class at college, will get my ID after Christmas which will help with a few things. My tutor will help me going forward with my punctuation and spelling and such. Going forward I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of it.

I was up last night working on several projects, a few are ekphrasis, some of which are a little on the scary side and one which is romantic, and then low and behold I started yet another novel idea. It is only in its early stages at the moment and I am thinking it may not be ideal to put on here.

Hope to put another tale, including some spine chilling tales within the idea of ekphrasis.

I also have a few pictures to put up and I would like you to tell me what you think and what the picture makes you think of and if it gives you ideas for short or long prose

Stay Tuned


Hi people,

Here’s a tale that has come to mind during a day spent in bed, pain all over my body, my knee in agony.

Anyway, here goes…

The house was silent, no noise, Two children in one room, both males lay sleeping in one room, in the room next door a young woman lay sleeping as the dark room surrounded her. She was oblivious of the fact that a tall dark figure was watching her. His eyes trained on her. Not moving. His gaze never wavering.

As he watched she lay sleeping, quietly, barely a noise she made. He watched as she moved silently, her body doing something she had no control over. She was oblivious to the fact she was alone. She normal slept with her husband. she was oblivious to the fact that she was alone.

While she was alone her husband was in the living room, his heart starting to falter, he had been stabbed twice and his heart was slowly pumping what was left of his blood all over the white leather sofa.

The children in the next room were not sleeping like they appeared to be. They were no longer living, their hearts no longer beating, no longer living, their hearts stopped by a quick, silent, bullet to their head. The only one living was the woman, the wife the mother. Oblivious she was to the growing read stain in the living room and the boys bedroom.

Thankfully, thankfully she was oblivious to the deaths, the quick deaths of her two children and her life long partner.

As the figure moved closer to her, closer to her sleeping figure, closer to the beautiful blond sleeping figure. His knife, bloody, raised, poised ready. The figures dark eyes showing intent, intent on harming the beautiful figure.

The knife landing down on the hair of the woman, cutting it short. She remained sleeping. She stayed asleep without realising what was happening. She didn’t move. She was deep in sleep as he pulled her hands and tied them together to the post at the top of the bed. Her legs tied to the bottom post.

There was a sudden loud creak as the figure moved his weight to look at the womans sleeping face. His eyes intent. Her eyes suddenly opened and were immediately filled with fear. Fear at the hate filled eyes and bloodied knife in the intruders hand.

Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned.



I know this has been several days in the making and I am so sorry, my crappy illness got in the way of me typing this. I hope you enjoy it.

Please, Feedback is more than welcome.

Haunted House Prose

The house was empty, quiet, creepy, dusty, it made me itch, my nose itch, I desperately wanted to sneeze but it was too soon, I was in hiding, the plan, the plan was to scare Jacob, my life long friend. I knew he was on his way to meet me for our nightly story telling night, telling each other scary stories and attempting to scare each other, we did that all the time. We wanted to see who would scare the easiest, and it wasn’t as easy as you may think.

Jacob was the same age as me. He was your typical hard boy, never one to show is scared, he would always jump and shrug it off that he burped or something. He never admitted that I had ever scared him although I know there was at least three occasions I had nearly made him crap himself.

The plan for the scare was simple, wait for him in the abandoned house on the outskirts of town, where we alway meeting there. I waiting behind the doorway that lead to the basement, waited silently for his footstep on the wooden veranda. I was waiting patiently.

The only thing is, despite my plan I realised he was running late and sat on the top step, looking down at the empty basement, only it wasn’t empty and I became aware of a calm, gentle voice, softly calling my name from the basement and I saw a denim clad leg sticking out at the bottom of the step.

I quietly quickly walked to the bottom only to discover Jacob, unconscious at the basse of the stairs and the voices calling my name continued. I looked at him, I needed to find out what was going, what had happened to jack, it scared me, petrified me.

I looked around the basement and I could hear it the voices coming from the far corner of the room, I couldn’t see what was making the sound. My heart was racing, the voice was so gentle but yet so eerie, I was on my tip toes when I heard a foot step behind me, I turned to see Jacob behind me, blood on his face, eyes closed, he opened them, they looked like cats eyes, mean while the room was filed with voices softly saying my name.

My heard was going ten to the dozen and the floor about us creaked, like some one was up there. I froze, Jacob wasn’t human anymore, I don’t know what he was.

Suddenly, he Laughed at me, breaking the act, breaking the scare. I jumped back, scared out of my skin, my hand went to my heart. I could have slapped him that night. He won that night, it was his best scare by far.

Hope you enjoyed it