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Evening everyone,

It’s Saturday and three days off my birthday, and I can’t wait. I am really looking forward to it and I have a little surprise in store but I’ll save that for the day but stay tuned.

Today I want to talk about allowing reality and real life events affect any story or book you want to share with anyone. Now this can be intentional or unintentional and providing there is no case for slander then, in most cases, it’s fine.

For example, in my next installment of Poisoned By Blood I have mentioned and had some involvement with a real admitted serial killer that has been dead for nearly thirty years. The  serial killer in question is one of the most notorious and vile of the subgroup within society. Because he is a person that was and that he confessed to his crimes I am not slandering his character so I wouldn’t be at risk of being sued by his family.

There are traditional media programs that also do this, a perfect example is the central character of Murdoch Mysteries, William Murdoch, is based on the real life Ontario Provisional Police John Wilson Murray.  There is also, Call the Midwife, Orange is the New Black, Band of Brothers, The Tudors, Boardwalk Empire, and The Secret, all based in some way on real events that have happened in the past. There have been movies based on serial killers, along with real serial killers influencing people to create memorable fictional killers that we all know and love.

There are times where it happens without people realizing that they have done it. I am quiet good at note doing this. The only time I’ve let a person I know influence a character is one of the characters in my latest release, the person I am basing the character on knows and is fully aware that I am doing it. The same lady is going to be on the cover and allowed me to use a few of her little quirk, only a few, have made it into the books but this was purposeful and I love the way that the book is looking and I can’t wait to share it with you, I really can’t.

So overall, you can use real people in your fictional books, if it is people that you know get permission before you go ahead, if it is someone who’s in the public eye such as a celebrity, serial killer, etc then it isn’t too bad. So many writers use actors to decide the physicality of a character but the behavior and such are built separately.

Have an awesome weekend.

Happy writing




Hi Guys

I have been super busy working on Hell Hath No Fury and Poisoned By Blood Book Three, I have the sequel to Twisted Coven is planned out and ready once I have the other two squared away.

Today I wanted to talk about the pluses of having a support network around writers, whether they be signed, freelance, those wanting to write and those who were still deciding if they truly want to be a writer.

By nature the world or writing isn’t an easy one to be in. It is fought with judgement and angst. You may be told no 20, 100, 300 times before being signed, J. K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before the Harry Potter series was signed, Stephen King’s Carrie was rejected 30 times before being published. It’s part of the job, perseverance and willing to listen to feedback are the best thing’s for a writer to have in their back pocket.

I have received some negative feed back and attention and I’ll show you a few examples and tell you on how to deal with them.

First a review from Shattered Souls

bad review 1

I have redacted the name to protect the person in question. This was a bad review in a sea of four and five star reviews. I was upset when I saw this, I will admit that I did shed a tear but I realized that it was merely a troll, a person who was out to hurt as troll are. You can do nothing about trolls, nothing but ignore them and move on.

Here’s a review for Spilt Blood

Bad review 2

This review is constructive, meaning that instead of five words with no true meaning and are not the slightest bit helpful. They give pointers on how the books going forward can be improved and how they can be better. They advise the use of Beta readers, which is now something I do now. They do question the main characters age state that it would be better if she was older, this is something I debated on this as I wrote the book but her age is important further in the series, in book four. The comment about the ‘rushed’ feel of the book, that was purposeful as their is a serial killer around and they are hunting him before he kills too many people, they don’t really have the time to do much else. Though I think I could have done a bit more character building and relationship building.

Authors are, by nature, solitary nature and we like to work in our own cocoon but we do need a good network of support around us. I am extremely lucky that my Mum and Dad (Stepdad) have always been there, pushing me to be better. I have an awesome husband who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I have an awesome publisher with Vamptasy Publishing, the website is being updated at the moment but it does show several of our awesome writers on their. I also have several fans although I’m only a beginner in this job and they are loyal and that is astounding to me. Having people around to help bring you up when you get that rejection letter or that bad review helps.

While I was lucky to get a yes early on and I love my book home and I would never change that ever in the world and I only hope that one day all authors find their book home.

Thankfully there is no negative review of Dark Side of Humanity yet nor has there been any for Twisted Coven yet, not on Amazon anyway.

I have a lot of things going on this year and I am hoping that my books grow in strength and that those who love it continue too do so. I have a group of people who seem to love my books and people that are happy to share my books on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I am hoping to do a Facebook ad this weekend to help promote the books a little. I am busy, two book releases this year with more going on that are working on in the back ground hence why I’ve been quiet.

My main peaces of advise are as follows:-

  1. Take on the constructive criticism and use it going forward with more books and any re-releases.
  2. Let troll reviews slide off your back and move on.
  3. Make sure you have an awesome network around you.
  4. Don’t let rejection stop you.
  5. Learn, learn and learn. Read, read and read. Write, write and write.

I also know I need an editor as my dyslexia makes things hard work and tricky to do and I quite often miss mistakes, that’s another good thing about beta readers, they help with the process and help make things more coherent.

If there are any subjects you want me to take on please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Writing


Hello Reader

I hope that you had a spooky Halloween. The <a title=”Vamptasy” href=”; target=”_blank”>Vamptasy</a> <a title=”CHBB” href=”; target=”_blank”>CHBB</a> Halloween event went well and there was plenty of fun to be had, hope you managed to make it.

So as most of you know I have a book due for release in just over a month and I have something to share with you. I have made a trailer about the book and I’m going to share it with you. between now and the release date I’ll also be sharing a few little samples of the tale and posters I am making to go with the release.

Spilt Blood.

Let me know what you think

Happy Writing




Hello guys


So summer’s on its way out and the nights are becoming longer and longer but the best news is that Halloween is getting closer to, that and winter solstice is near too.

I have been thinking about a few things of late including why I became a writer. The truth is I never set out to be an author. I used to write, as a child, to express my fantasies about my favourite TV show characters paying special attention to Michael Shanks, Tom Welling and Nick Lea to name but a few.

During my time at University I began writing a book on child abuse, types, how to investigate and so on. During that time I got the idea for a novel originally titled Blakesmith Catacombs, now titled Twisted Covern. When I moved to York I started a writing class and my teacher told me that it was worth publishing.

The class opened something in my head and soon I was over run with ideas. Red Eyes and Shattered Souls were originally submissions for anthology’s but were release on their own and now Spilt Blood has been signed.

I have fallen in love with it and the reviews I’ve had have pushed me forward.

Happy writing


Hi guys,


I mentioned in my last post a book, anthology compiled by several different and talented author titled ‘Bloody Sexy’.

I read the book in a matter of days and here’s my review.

A new release from Vamptasy Publishing is Bloody Sexy, a compilation of short sexy sultry stories with twists that will keep you reading. The poetry excelled and worked with the overall concept of the anthology.
I enjoyed the fact that the tales began with the thought that it was about one thing and the twists turn it into some you’re not expecting and it goes in a different direction.
The quality of the writing was excellent making the reading the words easy and enjoyable. Nothing was over written or overly complex ensuring entertainment without losing your place.
The book is filled with adult content and involves sexual lust with other situations that only serve to enhance the readers experience.
I recommend the book for all those over eighteen.

It’s a steal at the price of 99c (USA) or 77p (UK).

Click here to get your copy.

Happy writing.



Enjoy the book.

Hello Readers

The weekend is here and it’s time to have fun, relax and read a book. **Hint Hint**

Shameless plug done now to get to the reason for this post. I was given the chance to beta read a fellow Vamptasy Publishing Author Carmilla Voiez book Basement Beauty before it was published. She also asked me to review the book for her, so here it is.

Basement Beauty follows the life of a young woman, Amalthea, who works in a bar at night and writs during the day. With the arrival of a young poet, David, who reads during Poetry night and a woman searching for David, Eva. The tale flips from Amalthea, David and Eva. As things with the three heat up with David becoming obsessed with Amalthea, Eva’s need to find him and Amalthea being caught in the middle. Added to that there is a killer on the lose. The tale takes some unexpected twists and turns that keeps you guessing.

I loved the fact that I never knew what was coming next. It kept me on my toes and when I started reading the three main characters made an impression and I was surprised when what I first thought they were they were not. It was a tale that messed with your head and kept you interested.

I love the authors work and I am currently working through the recently re-released Starblood Trilogy, in one volume not three, and I’ll be doing a review of that in due time.

I would say that Basement Beauty is well worth a read.

Click here for Starblood
Click here for Basement Beauty

Head over to her facebook, link above and have a look at what she’s up to. She’s busy with podcasts, YouTube video’s, and working on other projects. If you look at the previous posts it has some teasing exerts from Basement Beauty, there’s also other links for Twitter etc.

Happy Reading and Writing

Have a brilliant weekend.


Two Five Star Review

Here is the two five star reviews for Shattered Souls, please read, review and share with your friends.

Hi guys,

You may recall that not long ago I told you all that I was having a short story being published in an anthology and was excited about it. Well there was a slight change of plans. Its been published solo and is avalable for four weeks for Halloween.

Red Eyes is a tale about a young girl who discovers that she is not quite what she thinks and has to resist some urges.

A shout out to Nicola Ormerod of Vamptasy Publishing for all her help with this and her help with my other projects you are a star.

Please check it out guys. All proceeds go to charity.

For those that asked me to put on my saucy Supernatural Fan Fiction I will type it up and post it but warning it will be filled with adult content.

Have fun reading Red Eyes.

Happy writing


Teenage Visions

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It looks like you all enjoyed “Two Dead Boys”, and I hope it was amusing and ironic.

I am working on Teenage Visions as I cannot sleep.

Some of you may recall that it was up a while ago and I took it off after feedback that caused me to rethink some elements of the tale.

I have three chapters drafted and I have cranked up some of the key parts of the story.
I will work on it for some time tonight and once it’s typed, which should be later this week I will start the proof reading and work on it.

I am also going to be working on “Twisted Coven” this week and I have started typing up plans but have a large pile of them to type.

Added to that I’m sketching concepts for the husbands various ideas for which I have yet to type up the plans for.

Though I think I should concentrate of “Twisted Coven” as that is a lot closer to being finished.

I have this plus job applications and a booklet to complete as well as jewellery to make and a home to keep clean while sorting out specialists and dealing with my disability and a chest infection.

At least I have plenty of distractions to take my mind of the pain.

Will post the new tale soon and will try and add some short tales too to keep you entertained.

I may even add my short stories I wrote some time ago.

Stay tuned.


Hello and happy fathers day.

Writing means different things to different people. No two writers will write the same story the same way. Thier style and flare will differ along with thier interpretation.

A perfect example is me and my better half. We are both writers and we love writing and we have several simular idea’s. A perfect example is our zombie relaged tales. His is based on the fight of one girl to stay alive while on her own and mine is about a family trying to stay together.

Same basic foundations, different spin.

Another is the simularities betwen Stephanie Meyer and Rebecca Hamilton and thier tales of vampires and shape shifters. Same basic idea, different result, completely different.

Some people see writing as a way of getting rich quick, and quite often fail, others see it as a passion or calling where they have to do it, they have to tell the stories. The third kind are those that write for a living, usually journalist, writers for tv, film and stage and finally serious bloggers. I fit into the second category. Each idea running through my head and at some stage demands to be written down. I have up to and possibly above twenty different tales I am trying to pen.

At least three are the beginnings of several book series. But as much as I moan about the sleepless night, as much as I winge out my brain never slowing I would belost without it.

Writing when I was younger was not as important, not as vital, school, friends, tv were more important and when I did write it was fan fiction baised on the shows I loved at the time.

I combined Xena and Hercules with Stargate. I melded X-files, Highlander, American Gothic to several other shows. I did an idea for Charmed to rip the whole idea and family apart. The idea’s are there, still, folders filled ith notes n drafts but i have other ideas that have taken over.

It all started at Christmas 2008 it was slow at the job I was working at the time and the restrictions were relaxed on what we could and coudn’t do. As I was in the corner I couldn’t be seen anyway. Once my work was done, the filing, the orders, the logistics stuff I, one day, opened a file and stared writing a random story. Within months it had taken on a life of it’s own. That is when “Twisted Coven” was born though it went by “Blakesmith Cataombs” at the time. My style is different but I take my cues fom three of the greats.

Stephen King, the best thriller and horror writer of our life time.

Patricia Cornwell, the author of murder mysteries staring the talented pathologist Kay Spargetta.

And last but not least Kathy Reichs, the creator of anthropologist Temperance Brennan, which has been made in to
A tv show named Bones.

Writing to me is my hobby, my job and my life. I enjoy working alone though sometimes I enjoy it when Pete n I work together on tales of the heroes vampires and his passion is contagious.

My huband to be is a writer, he writes super hero fiction and fan fiction(link his blog) and one of his larger fictions were are woking together. He has not be writing the amount of years I have but enjoys it, he is really good. I think i might have to talk him into a few classes.

We’re just trying to find ways of avoiding infringing on existing superhero and other fiction. Something I am also trying to do with several of my tales.

What does writing mean to you?
Who do you write for?
What is your ultimate goal?

I m in the process of doing a collection of tales, prose and poems, and printing it at my voulentiering job. Would you be interested in a competition to see who wins a copy? If so what would you like to see in it? A short tale and the winner wins a copy in which the tale is printed.

Also would you like teenage visions to make a return?

Answers in the commcents below and follow to keep up to date on my many idea’s and competitions I am going run.

Happy writing