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Hello readers,

Happy sunday to u all.

I’ve had a busy n painful week but I have excellent news.

At least one, possibly two short stories are going to a horror anthology being published on line and I can’t wait. I really can’t also there is a booklet of flash fiction, short tales and poems that I am nearly at the end of completing.

There are a few other projects in the pipeline I have had to keep you hanging on those as they are no where near signed off on.

Hope you enjoyed my little news and hopefully it explains where I’ve been.

I may run a competition will rack my brains on the subject.

With the deadlines I have not yet typed up the new copy of teenage visions.

A little side note and a look into my crazy mind I have 47 novels/short novels running through my head.

Happy writing



I know, two in one day.

Zombie, you died.
Zombie, you lied
You promised you would not do this
You said we’d get through this

Zombie, why did you do it,
Why can’t we get through it.
Zombie, you need control
But no so I have to patrol

You were my best friend
You were the best blend
A mix of crazy
Weird, and hazy

But now you stink
Like dirty dishes in the sink
I don’t want to do it
But I see no way through it

You are already dead
So I will chop of your head
I’m sorry zombie
This is no hobby

Now you are gone
Your movements none
I shed a tear
I feel no fear

Time to move on
I am but one
Every ones gone
But life continues on

Goodbye my sweet pea
I will miss thee
Should I bury you at sea
Or just leave you be

Goodbye and rest in peace
At last….
Dead is dead is dead
Zombie no more

Hope you like it, here’s one for you Joe..

It just popped into my head when I was thinking of the one you did Joe.

Happy writing

Simone xxx