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Hello guys

It’s Saturday again, time seems to fly by, it really does. I’ve been busy the week with promotion and writing Dirty Little Secret, the sequel to Spilt Blood and I can’t wait until it’s done. Once I get a little sleep I’ll be back on the writing train. I love the feeling of writing and creating a new world, I really do. A world where I make the rules and people are those I create with issues I create. There is,  and I’m being honest, a part of me in all my main characters. Joslyn is a strong independent women with a darkness festering inside. She’s a mage with power untapped.  The bit of me she has is the realization she is that she doesn’t realise her true potential or think of the worth she has. Yes, I’be had self image issues my entire life.

Love you all
Happy writing


Hello reader

I have been hard at edits as my baby is now with the editor and I have the cover and I am in love.


What do you think, beautiful isn’t it.

Last weekend I did a post boost on my Facebook page and it helped with my ranking on amazon so I’ll be doing it for the Spilt blood release.

I’m in love with the series and I think think you guys will fall in love with it too.

Starting work on book two soon and submissions for a few anthologies so my brain is still hard at work.

Happy writing


Hello Reader

I hope that you had a spooky Halloween. The <a title=”Vamptasy” href=”; target=”_blank”>Vamptasy</a> <a title=”CHBB” href=”; target=”_blank”>CHBB</a> Halloween event went well and there was plenty of fun to be had, hope you managed to make it.

So as most of you know I have a book due for release in just over a month and I have something to share with you. I have made a trailer about the book and I’m going to share it with you. between now and the release date I’ll also be sharing a few little samples of the tale and posters I am making to go with the release.

Spilt Blood.

Let me know what you think

Happy Writing




Spilt Blood

Posted: April 10, 2014 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works
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As most of you know I have been working on book one of a series and I can happily announce that I have finished the first draft of book one of Poisoned by Blood book one Spilt Blood has been completed, now I’m working on the proof reads and a friend has offered to check it and with my English before I submit it to the guys at Vamptasy.

There’s at least another five or six books that are part of the same book series and with each book I’m hoping to share a short related to the book series.

A teaser, its got vampires, mages/witches, orcs, shifters (wolf and other creatures) and may other mystical creatures. As well as some hot steamy action between a mage/witch and a mage/witch/vampire.

Stay tuned for more news.

Happy writing


Teenage Visions

Posted: September 3, 2012 by Simone Young in Late Night Work, Short Stories
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It looks like you all enjoyed “Two Dead Boys”, and I hope it was amusing and ironic.

I am working on Teenage Visions as I cannot sleep.

Some of you may recall that it was up a while ago and I took it off after feedback that caused me to rethink some elements of the tale.

I have three chapters drafted and I have cranked up some of the key parts of the story.
I will work on it for some time tonight and once it’s typed, which should be later this week I will start the proof reading and work on it.

I am also going to be working on “Twisted Coven” this week and I have started typing up plans but have a large pile of them to type.

Added to that I’m sketching concepts for the husbands various ideas for which I have yet to type up the plans for.

Though I think I should concentrate of “Twisted Coven” as that is a lot closer to being finished.

I have this plus job applications and a booklet to complete as well as jewellery to make and a home to keep clean while sorting out specialists and dealing with my disability and a chest infection.

At least I have plenty of distractions to take my mind of the pain.

Will post the new tale soon and will try and add some short tales too to keep you entertained.

I may even add my short stories I wrote some time ago.

Stay tuned.