“You’re Next!”

Hi Guys,

Here is a little prose to keep you entertained while I finish other projects.

“You’re Next!”

Chapter One

Waiting on the bench a sharp wind swerled around me, I shivered and wraped my threat bare summer jacket tightly around me. It was mid November, it was cold and it was one in the morning I was sat waiting for me lover, shivering. I wished I had not left my toasty warm home and comphy bed to meet my ass hole of a boyfriend.

I heard footsteps to my left, I turned to give Dean a mouthful, I saw nothing, I shuck my head, wishful thinking I guess. I scanned my surroundings and I noticed that I was alone watching as I saw a plastic bag float into the parks green canopy that surrounded me. I heard another three footstep to my right and as I turned to my right and, again, saw nothing.

I sighed, wrapped my arms around me and started the short walk home. I heard footsteps behind me. I concentrate on the path and walked faster. The footsteps followed me the entire walk home and as I climed back into my bedroom trough the window I sighed with releife as the warmth surrounded me. I pulled my cell phone our of my school bag, cursed my self for not taking it with me or checking it before I left for the clandestine meeting.

As I checked I noticed a litany of social network alerts and alerts for some of my games, amoungst them was two text messages. One was from my idotic boyrfriend BABE, CAN’T MEET, MOM’S BEING A BITCH and another was from my best friend telling me, UR BF IS WITH MY SIS, HE’S CHEATING, AGAIN. WILL FILL YOU IN AT SKOOL.

I wanted to throw my phone at the wall but I doubt my parents would buy me another.

I changed in to my pyjamas and crawled into bed, setting my alarm I lay, enveloped in the warm blanket. I was seconds off falling into a deep deep sleep. I heard a voice in my ear state. “You’re next!”

I froze in fear, paralyzed, I was alone, I was in my own room, there was no one there. My exhausted body soon pulled me into a bliss full dream and I smiled with happiness. My dreams of erotic touches, kisses and climaxes was over shadowed with the occasional “You’re next!” in a deep husky tone.


Chapter Two

As I woke the following morning I was shattered. I checked my phone and saw no text message and I was instantly hit with an urge to throw up. I just made it to the bathroom as my stomach emptied its limited contents. My mom entered the bathroom behind me and held my long blonde hair off my face.

The two words that I head just before I fell asleep the previous night rang around my head. I thought my stomach was empty but as I started to stand my stomach had other ideas. My father entered the room as the noise began to subside and sighed. “I’ll call the school and work from home today. I’m only editing anyway.” He stated, worry thick in his voice.

“Thanks Gary, I doubt the hospital would like me changing shifts at such short notice. She has a slight temperature, I think its a bug.” My mom added as she touched my forehead.

Moments later I heard my dad on the phone to my school as he found what we call the ‘puke bucket’, and boiled water to help settle my stomach, something that they always did. After a few more retches my stomach gave me enough time for me to go back to bed and armed with my cell phone, puke bucket and boiled water with a hydrating solution in it.

“Mom, how long will I be puking for? I hate it.” I whined, I detested being sick.

“A few days at most honey. Dad going to stay at home today and I’m off tomorrow so you’ll be looked after.” She told me.

A few hours past and the house was silent save the ‘tap tap’ of my dad being hard at work. I was half awake when I heard foot steps on my hard wood floor yet my room was empty, just me alone.

I froze, wide awake and filled with fear. “Sweet sweet Danielle, you’re a bad bad girl and I’ll enjoy teaching you a lesion.” The velvet, lust laced voice stated.

The room felt suffocating and I wanted to scream so loud I’d wake the dead. “We’ll meet soon my sweet.” The voice threatened and the room was filled with fresh air from my open window.  The presence was gone was gone.


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