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I’ve been away for a few days hence no updates as the Internet at my mums is on the fritz. It’s been an eventful holiday. Mums been in hospital I’ve been in agony. Accidents with ambulances. Will write a scary story for you Joe tomorrow.



A. Gelli, “I like that sort of girl, nothing put on about them,” Dated from the 1920’s

As I sit here, I watch the two women converse and chat about the latest fashions, it is an event and as I quickly draw as they walk past me in their beautiful sexy shape revelling dress, they extenuate every single curve, their outfits expertly put together. They don’t know what I am doing, they are blind to it, blind to me, too involved in their conversation.

I am blinded by thier shape, their beauty it propels me to get everything just right even the patterns on their exquisite dresses.

Their hair provocatively short, as is the current fashion, lacquered and jelled in place, so it will not move, not in the slightest, they are young but adults, no commitments, no major responsibilities.

Two men are watching them as thing walk together, deep in conversations. . Their hair tells me that they are not sisters but they are clearly close. The men watch them, they look, to me, to be father and son. Shockingly the father turns to the son and says, “I like that sort of girl, nothing but on about them,” discussing the sons lack of a woman. A perfect title to my sketch, it is then  that I notice right behind the men is a middle age gentleman with a woman, in her early 20’s, clearly he is her sugar daddy, and equally as evident in his ability to say no. Who can blame him, though slimmer than the other ladies she is beautiful in her tight little black dress, she clearly has the man wraped around her fingers, something all women are capable.

I sketch as fast as my hands will let me, ensuring I get everything right and ensuring that the women are depicted in their curvy, sumptuous, sexual nature, their naïve Bertie Wooster type figures, only highlighted by diaphanous dresses.

There you go guys,

Was naughty yesterday and didn’t get chance to get some work done. Bad of me I know will do some later on “Talking Walls”, theres plenty to do i’m just strugling to get chance to get work done.It is hard to work around a lot of bookings.

Stay Tuned


Hard at work

Posted: November 23, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Well another busy few days, I feel like I never stop. I am working on so many different projects when I should be working on just the one. Silly I know especially with Twisted Coven being so close, okay, going to make a promice, no eq or facebook tonight and I’ll get some serious work done. Promice. will update tonight on the process made for you.

I really cant wait to get it done an see how it is accepted by the mass audiances.

Thanks for checking in. I will also finalise some of the work on Teenage Visions and get it posed asap. XXX

Stay Tuned


UPdate on Teenage Visions

Posted: November 21, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hi Reader’s

Hope you have all had a good weekend. Well then re-written first chapter of Teenage Visions is nearly completed and ready for typing and I have changed the main character ever so slightly but I think it works better with this character. All doing well. Will have it up by the end of the week. Then there is the other projects that are running circles around my head, including the almost complete one. The one for which I have just renamed the town for.

Keep your Poems and Prose coming, I enjoy them so much.

Stay Tuned


Hello friends

Been ill over the last few days, dealing with my dislocated knee but it’s feeling better now feeling more normal.

So I’ve been thinking firstly another poll for story titles also I was wondering if you guys would like some activities and writing exercises. Is that something you would be interested in.

Let me know what you guys think.


Hi there readers,

Heres another short prose from my sick and twisted mind, it’s been asking to be written for a few days now so here goes.

Alone, School Hell (nope it’s not about being bulled)

It wasn’t he first time I’d broken in to the school, it wasn’t the first time I’d done it alone either.

I just wanted to escape. I hated being in the house with all the fights, swearing and crap it brought. When I did this they never realised I was gone, little did I know that night was different, that nite was a wake up call for all of us.

After sneaking in I found the sleeping bag I had hidden for those nights it was two much, I curled up, into a corner and put on my iPod at full volume and began to day dream, the day dream didn’t last long. Despite just being charged the damn thing ran out of battery three songs in to the nkotb album, I was mad, angry even, I hadn’t brought the charger so it meant a quiet night for me. As I lay, the day dream started up again, I was Bella, from the twilight series. A common day dream, I know, but it was my only escape.

This time the day dream was disturbed by the creepy noises the gym makes. It was an old building and made noises but the sounds it was giving out tonight were creeping me out.

I checked my badly out of date phone, again even though it had just been charged it to was dead. The noises were making my hairs stand on end. It sounded as though someone was walking around me, tutting but I was completely along. This went on for over an hour, as though whomever it was was pacing around me, quietly. Soon after the noise, though still there, became ignorable and I settled down to sleep, the pacing suddenly stopped as I lay down on my sleeping bag a few steps coming straight at me, there as a gust of air, filled the distinct scent of scotch, brushed my face then an unfamiliar male voice whispered my name.

The tone was menacing and the proximity made it even worse, I suddenly became scared and my eyes flew open, the idea of slumber long forgotten, and I was co grunted by the face of a man, not to old, good-looking in the bad way, I screamed, my body shaking with panic, his eyes were red.

A bright, vivid red.

I tried to move away from him but I was unable to. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to the centre of the gym. He was scary, fear threatened to make me hurl. I tried to fight back as he attacked me, the reason for this was unclear I just kept fighting, soon I was covered in blood. Not his nor mine. I didn’t really have much time to think it through. As he attacked me I often wished he would do it, end my short life of nothing. I was just about go give up as the pain became to much and the blows to the head were starting to pull me in to unconsciousness. As my eyes took in their moment I saw police lights. I tried to fight but my body was battered and I slipped into darkness.

A week later I came to in hospital, my mum told me that guy who attacked had killed three women and I was down to be his fourth, they were worried and they knew where I was, I just hoped this was the start of something different.

I went to a different school, if the arguments continued as I was taken from my parents a paced in a go to s foster home.

I still could heard the foot steps at night. My attacker was killed that night, and now I think he haunts me, waiting to finish what he started.

Hope you liked this.

Will check in with you later.

Happy writing

Simone xx

Hi readers,

So here I am, yet again curled up in bed, on the way home my ankle, momenterally, came out of place causing me knee to move in an abnormal manner and coming out slightly. This has resulted in a very swollen knee and ankle and trouble walking, well, more than normal.

So the afternoon was spent typing up prose put together by my creative writing group, which is/was taught by the best teacher’s ever, yesterday was my last class, I’m going to miss them terribly. The prose are to be put into a small book for them. It proves to us we are good enough to be in print.

I was thinking of a short prose to uploads but as of yet not been able to think of one, I have a small idea but it needs a bit more work. And, of course, typing up.

I will put that up for you tomorrow, I will also set up that email, it is worth while doing as I can use it to talk to you guys, and such.

“Twisted Coven” is so very near publication standard. I just hope you guys like it when it’s out.

So more stories tomorrow along with an msn email address to allow us to converse.

Also being dyslexic sucks, my English is so freakin bad. Cross fingers I can go back to college to rectify it. I apologise if any of my spelling is bad tonight, bloging via iPhone does not have the same spell check as a computer.

Stay tuned and happy writing, please stay happy.

Off to bed as I’m seeing triple and I think I’m ready for tablets.

Goodnight and scary dreams


Poll For new Title

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Simone Young in Current and Active Works

Hi there reader,

Please help me with the new title for “Butcher Of Showmoor Heights”, the tale of a woman with a brain tumor being haunted by a killer who was killed in the apartment where she now lives. I thought that the title gave too much of the story away however the choices are a little more ambiguous.

Thanks for checking it out guys.

Happy writing



I know this has been several days in the making and I am so sorry, my crappy illness got in the way of me typing this. I hope you enjoy it.

Please, Feedback is more than welcome.

Haunted House Prose

The house was empty, quiet, creepy, dusty, it made me itch, my nose itch, I desperately wanted to sneeze but it was too soon, I was in hiding, the plan, the plan was to scare Jacob, my life long friend. I knew he was on his way to meet me for our nightly story telling night, telling each other scary stories and attempting to scare each other, we did that all the time. We wanted to see who would scare the easiest, and it wasn’t as easy as you may think.

Jacob was the same age as me. He was your typical hard boy, never one to show is scared, he would always jump and shrug it off that he burped or something. He never admitted that I had ever scared him although I know there was at least three occasions I had nearly made him crap himself.

The plan for the scare was simple, wait for him in the abandoned house on the outskirts of town, where we alway meeting there. I waiting behind the doorway that lead to the basement, waited silently for his footstep on the wooden veranda. I was waiting patiently.

The only thing is, despite my plan I realised he was running late and sat on the top step, looking down at the empty basement, only it wasn’t empty and I became aware of a calm, gentle voice, softly calling my name from the basement and I saw a denim clad leg sticking out at the bottom of the step.

I quietly quickly walked to the bottom only to discover Jacob, unconscious at the basse of the stairs and the voices calling my name continued. I looked at him, I needed to find out what was going, what had happened to jack, it scared me, petrified me.

I looked around the basement and I could hear it the voices coming from the far corner of the room, I couldn’t see what was making the sound. My heart was racing, the voice was so gentle but yet so eerie, I was on my tip toes when I heard a foot step behind me, I turned to see Jacob behind me, blood on his face, eyes closed, he opened them, they looked like cats eyes, mean while the room was filed with voices softly saying my name.

My heard was going ten to the dozen and the floor about us creaked, like some one was up there. I froze, Jacob wasn’t human anymore, I don’t know what he was.

Suddenly, he Laughed at me, breaking the act, breaking the scare. I jumped back, scared out of my skin, my hand went to my heart. I could have slapped him that night. He won that night, it was his best scare by far.

Hope you enjoyed it


I’ve put myself in the naughty courner and rightly so.
I promiced a prose yesterday and I didn’t post you anything. I am so sorry. I promise you today, today I will post you today. It will happen I promise.

Take care, happy writing